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Guide the smart tips for small houses

Updated on March 29, 2016
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Modern urban space filled with increasingly narrow, not the lucky family who has owned a transient gain living space. But following a few tips will help you to remain beautiful.
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1.Use versatile interior

With the small room, you do not be too eager to dish large wooden furniture, just consuming area, just "limping" with the room. When space is tight, choose the furniture simple, bright colors, integrate multiple functions (eg, long benches locker combinations, small table with cradles ...). Shelves, cabinets should also be close to a wall or hidden in a wall to save space.

White furniture creates elegance and visual effects fool, help house seem larger.

The type of multifunctional furniture will save up area of your room.

Small wall shelves instead of the closet pretty cumbersome is the optimal solution for small houses.

2.Combining the two in a room

You absolutely can combine the living room and den, kitchen and living room in a smooth manner. Can divide the space by a curtain with a color harmony with the walls, the curtain unique style or a small bar.

The bar is pretty small luxury boundary between the dining room and living room.

Combined living room and kitchen sink nicely for singles.

Ergonomic work space and no less romantic combination living room.

Any angle which also can take advantage of as a place to work with lovely furniture like this.
3.Make the most of the small angle

If your house has a narrow angle, can be utilized to turn it into a useful space as work, reading. Select the type of table or simple wall shelves for utensils, use bright colors will make more space.

Working corner where combined storage in the U-shaped corner of the house.

Lovely kitchen corner is make the most of the area, but still pretty clear.

4.Creative Stairs

With homes that narrow area, you do not necessarily have to take too much space for the stairs. Spiral staircase, or the narrow staircase was designed to be able to take advantage over the stairs into the closet will be well-suited. You do not need to build warehouse and still have a container sundries.

5. Room for Baby: Leveraging walls and using bunk beds

If you are married, make sure you and your spouse will have to devote a space for your baby's room, close the baby a large wall-mounted price, can account for most of the area of a wall, split the small compartment to arrange baby all books, furniture, toys on it, will save a lot of area. With the winter young children, bunk beds for the children is the optimal solution.


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