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Guide tips renovate the old room

Updated on March 29, 2016

You will be surprised to see the change of the room after the amendment though sometimes only the new wall paint instead. Let's take a look at the room before and after the correction below, you will be really surprised because the changes are not large but create a luxurious space and really fascinated gaze.


In the house, the bathroom and toilet room is the most difficult to change. But this is a very important place where every day you have to "visit", so do not forget it.

To bring the new look for them, even you do not need to replace the furniture inside, but instead just colored tiles, wall paint or rescan new stone tiles, put the items in the same color as the room tiles neat and add a potted tree in the corner.

Be careful not to overzealous mess in the bathroom as bucket, mop ... because if so whether you can fix the room to where it still look sloppy and ugly.


You will work more efficiently if your room neat and clean, and if it even more beautiful and impressive then it will certainly get you excited and enthusiastic to work a lot more.

3.Living room

Living room is usually where most people care little, but without the sort of scientific, logical objects in the room and not pay attention to the harmony and beauty, even if you have to put down the book items from one place to the other, your living room is not beautiful and impressive. Just have a simple suggestion of the interior design and the proper investment, you have to have a room on the old foundation shimmering.


Old bedroom after being replaced under a new coat of paint and some new items change as a nightlight, ga ... knee, then immediately became much more luxurious.

Thus, no need to change too picky and distinct or even rebuild the dam go their room, it was like a new room that you often see in the newspaper.


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