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Guide to Daybed Bedding

Updated on June 4, 2013

Do you own a daybed? Is this piece of wonderful, versatile furniture a part of your home? Well, for thousands of people, it is—they have discovered the exceptional convenience and beauty of daybeds. By day, a daybed makes a comfortable place to sit and read a book or watch television. By night, it becomes a perfect place for guests or other people in the home to sleep. And because many daybeds use regular twin size mattresses in their construction they are far more comfortable than either futons or pull out couches. Daybeds really are the perfect piece of furniture for a guest room or many other spots in your home.

But if you have a daybed, you are also going to need daybed bedding. This bedding consists of any of the things you would need for a regular bed. You will need sheets, blankets and comforters, and pillows and pillowcases. You may also want accent pillows and duvets. In short, to make a daybed a place any person would want to sit in, nap in, or get a night’s rest in, you are going to need a full line of daybed bedding.

A daybed - not quite a bed, not quite a couch. Your daybed bedding should reflect that.
A daybed - not quite a bed, not quite a couch. Your daybed bedding should reflect that.

About Daybed Bedding

As mentioned above, most daybeds use the same mattress size and type as do twin beds. On occasion, you may see daybeds in other sizes, such as queen size. In any case, the fact that daybeds use regularly sized mattresses means that you can purchase bedding for regular mattresses that will work well with daybeds too. Your choices in daybed bedding are as unlimited as those for other beds. You can shop at any department store, discount bedding place, or all-purpose store like Target or Walmart to find your daybed bedding.

However, because daybeds do serve the purpose of couches and sitting places during the day, and thus have somewhat different functions that regular beds, some places sell bedding made expressly for daybeds. This daybed bedding will not only be functional when the bed is used for sleeping, it will also make it an attractive piece of furniture for a guest room or other room. A great daybed will serve just as well as a couch as it will as a place to lay your weary head at night.

Purchasing Daybed Bedding

Some of the best places to go looking for daybed bedding are shops and websites that specialize in the type of furniture. These places are experts on daybeds and can offer you just what you need in daybed bedding to make sure that you and your guests are comfortable. These retailers will also help you to make your daybed bedding attractive and stylish.

One daybed specialty store is known as This website is a subsidiary of Greenland Home Fashions, so you now the daybed bedding they sell is top of the line in quality and value. They offer a wide range of different styles and materials when it comes to daybed bedding, including any number of daybed bedding sets. These sets make shopping for daybed bedding convenient and economical.

Another specialty spot is called, simply enough, Here again you will find a wide selection of daybed bedding to choose from, including all the popular styles and brands made specifically for daybeds. Here you will find daybed linen, skirts, pillows, blankets, and more. When you purchase full sets of daybed bedding from this retailer they will wave all shipping costs, making them a great choice to save money on bedding.

Of course, if you are used to shopping at your favorite stores for bedding, then you can get daybed bedding at many of these places as well. Sears, for example, offers daybed bedding in many colors, patterns, and materials. Their Stone Cottage daybed bedding sets come in an attractive, rustic look, giving a guest room or bedroom the feel of an old world cottage. These five piece daybed bedding sets come in many great colors, including scarlet, aloe, and ivory.

As you will notice, the choices in daybed bedding are about as open as they are when it comes to the style and materials used as they are for any other kind of bedding. The result is that this versatile and convenient piece of furniture is made yet more so. Almost any house could use the addition of a daybed and the bedding that it needs.


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