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DIY: A Greener Lawn

Updated on March 13, 2017

Imagine the gratification from pulling into a driveway surrounded by green grass. Your hard earned money, knowledge, and persistence all visible to the naked eye. A healthy lawn shows a person who cares about their belongings and family, a person who holds them self accountable, and a person of integrity. The view itself proves to a passerby that you're a person of these characteristics without ever having to say it. You could have a green lawn! It's not very difficult or expensive. All it takes is a little time and thought.

Picking Your Type of Grass

If you plan to start over with your lawn and overseed the existing grass with a type of grass that is better suited for the climate year round, you should check out what grasses do well in your region. Quickly, Kentucky bluegrass does well in the Mid-West and Northeast regions, bermuda and fescue grass in the South-East and South-West, and fescue grass in the transition regions and the North-West (fine fescue). Find out which type of grass best suits your region.

Application and Maintenance

Once you've chosen the best type of grass for your region your going to want to apply it to your lawn. Let's go over some of the best options for you to apply your seed and maintain your lawn at a reduced cost.

  1. Aerate and seed. While aerating is not absolutely necessary it does allow seed to stay in your lawn in the event of a washout. Your going to want to aerate. If you purchase your own small aerator and seed you'll spend roughly the same amount as you would if you were to pay a professional. By buying your own you will also save much more money in the long run. There are all too many different kinds of aerators to choose from online and at your local lawn and garden store. It's even possible to purchase spikes that attach to the bottom of your shoes allowing you to walk around your lawn and aerate at the same time. Different types of aerators can cost you anywhere from $15 dollars to $100's of dollars. If you already have a riding mower I would recommend purchasing an attachment for it as this will be your easiest way to aerate. Attachments for riding mowers range from $100 - $500 dollars. You can get seed for $50-$100 dollars .
  2. Fertilize. Fertilizer is relatively inexpensive and can be found in any lawn and garden center. If you pay someone else to fertilize your lawn you are pretty much paying a labor cost. It takes almost no time at all to fertilize a lawn. All you need is your fertilizer and a spreader. There are many different types of spreaders that you can purchase and some can be very fancy. If you don't have too much of a yard you can find a cheap new or used spreader for $30 to $50 dollars which is about how much you would be paying a professional to apply the fertilizer. Your going to apply different types of fertilizers to your lawn a handful of times a year, depending on the season, so buying one is in your best interest. You will also use your spreader to apply seed each year.
  3. Water. The average lawn requires 1 - 1 1/2 inches of water per week. Typically though, mother nature will provide your lawn with what it needs. If you want to give your lawn the correct amount of moisture per week purchase a sprinkler to water your lawn each week. If you don't water each week, you should water when your lawn is experiencing drought.
  4. Chemicals. If you want to get rid of those weeds in your lawn purchase a back pack sprayer. Check your local regulations for applying chemicals. Your going to want to stay away from fines. Figure out what types of weeds you have and purchase the sufficient chemicals to apply to your lawn. Do a little research before you apply your chemicals. You don't want to kill your grass or spray chemicals that could potentially hurt your plants or animals.


These are all some basic ways to keep your lawn looking respectable. You may find that you do not have time to complete all of these tasks throughout the year. You can still save money by performing some of these tasks whenever you find time. You can hire a lawn professional to complete the tasks that you can't do or don't want to spend the time doing. Doing a few of these things yourself however will surely save you money.

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