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Guide to buying the best Boning Knife

Updated on April 5, 2015

The need of a good boning knife

You do not need to be a kitchen Chef or a master in the culinary arts to own a boning knife. I am going to list some of the best and most wanted boning knives on the market with reviews. But, before that, I want to explain some of the major benefits of a boning knife. This kind of knife is not very popular in everyday home cooking. The reason is because many folks like to buy their lamb loin or salmon already cut in small parts.

This is a common mistake to do if you do not have much time. And, I totally understand it, I used to do so myself. But, being a time saver does not always result being a money saver. For example, if you buy an already cut chicken into parts you will not have the satisfaction of making a chicken soup or a delicious risotto the next day.

Most of this kitchenware are amazingly sharp from the package. So, do not bother sharpening them. All you have to do is master a little bit of skill in order to properly use them. This kind of knives do not need a lot of maintenance, just wash them thoroughly with fresh water and properly dry them. Also, do not make the typical mistake of putting any kind of professional knife (the boning one included) in a dishwasher. It might ruin the perfectly manufactured edge of the blade.

From an economic point of view you are going to save a lot of money if you debone or trim the meat yourself. If you spend lets say $20 to $60 for this kitchen tool it is going to make its money within two or three months. But, from the time saving it takes a certain level of skill to trim the meat or even fillet a fish. I suggest you to spend some time learning how to optimize the cutting skills.

What can you do with it?

Basically, there are a lot of knife manufacturing brands. Some of them are very famous and some are not so well known. But, when it comes to selecting the right you have to look for the knives blade size/shape, flexibility, handle material and weight. I like to categorize the boning knives into three different kinds. So, I separate them in flexible, semi - flexible and not flexible or stiff. The easiest to use are the semi - flexible ones.

What are the basic operations that you can perform with this kind of knife? Well, the first and most obvious is deboning, probably any kind of meat. Thanks to their thin and pointy blade you are able to reach and cut very neatly. The second is the operation of trimming or skinning meat. You can easily skin any kind of meat like the silver skin of lamb loin like butter or you might even fillet fish like salmon or tuna.

Now that you know you can do with it, you must know what you should not do with it. This knife is exclusively made for deboning or trimming meat. You cannot use it for cutting vegetables, fruits or for paring. It is a very dangerous kitchen tool and must be used with extreme caution.

Guide to buying the best Boning Knife

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Boning knife used to debone chicken thighsWhat a boning knife looks like
Boning knife used to debone chicken thighs
Boning knife used to debone chicken thighs
What a boning knife looks like
What a boning knife looks like | Source

Victorinox 6-inch boning knife

My first selection is the 6 - inch Victorinox flex with fibrox handle. Victorinox is one of the most famous cutlery brands on the market. This brand has been confirmed many times as very reliable at a fairly good price. In fact, even the victorinox boning knife comes at a decent price of $22.11.

This cutlery tool is perfect for cutting with a high precision into poultry, fish and meat and separating it from its bone. The reason why many people love this particular knife is because it has an ergonomically designed fibrox made handle. I am pretty sure that in many states it is a must to have a handle of a sharp knife that fits tightly to the hand. It is is practically impossible that it will slip during work. The blade is made of stainless steel and high carbon to the edge. Most of the blades of victorinox have this kind of blade which is ice tempered that gives it a fairly sharp point. Also, it is very lightweight, around 4 ounces of total weight.

I have to say that this boning knife is very easy to sharpen thanks to the lack of the bump down the edge. And the fact that it has a particularly wide edge on the non cutting part makes it possible to cut in a wider break point. This knife is manufactured in Switzerland. Being such it has a lifetime warranty that involves solely manufacturer defects. Remember that it has to be only hand washed.

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Deboning chicken breast

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Deboning chicken breastHow to debone chicken thighs
Deboning chicken breast
Deboning chicken breast
How to debone chicken thighs
How to debone chicken thighs

Description table of the Boning Knives

Boning Knife Brand
Handle Type
Victorinox flex
6 - inch / 4 ounces
Shun classic Gokujo
Semi - Flexible
6 - inch / 7.2 ounces
Global Cromova
6 and 1/4 inch / 3.2 ounces
Stainless steel dimpled
Update Inernational
6 - inch / 4 ounces
Dexter Russell
6 - inch / 3.2 ounces
Grip - Tex
This description table contains concise details of every given boning knife brand on the article. Such information is the knives price, size/weight, handle type and knives flexibility.

How to debone pork shoulder

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How to debone pork shoulderHow to debone a quail
How to debone pork shoulder
How to debone pork shoulder
How to debone a quail
How to debone a quail | Source

Shun Classic Gokujo fillet and boning knife

I can hardly contain my excitement when I write about the Shun brand. Personally I love the Japanese culture of hand made crafts. And this particular Shun 6 - inch boning knife Gokujo series is a piece of art. It is such a pity that it costs five times more than all the rest. In fact if you want to purchase it at this particular moment you can find it for $107.

On the other hand I might say that this is the deal of my life. Due to the fact that it can cut a tomatoes skin, I would save some money for it. The blade has a very particular kind of shape and very pointy that is typical of the Shun brand. But, there is more to the blade sharpness than its elegant form. In fact this knife is forged with 33 different layers of stainless steel that give the blade a wavy Damascus look. It can last a lifetime if you take good care of it because is rust free.

Also, the size of 6 inches and weight are acceptable for such a caliber knife. The thing that I love the most is the non - slippery handle and the ease of usage. I mean, even an amateur can cut through the chicken joints like they were made of soft butter. The handle is made of something that resembles the diamond wood material which is mentioned as a Pakkawood handle.

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Boning out a deer shoulderDeboning a Moose shoulder
Boning out a deer shoulder
Boning out a deer shoulder | Source
Deboning a Moose shoulder
Deboning a Moose shoulder | Source

Global Cromova flexible

The global knife manufacturers are a very well known brand among experienced Chefs. Many vendors like to refer to it as a high tech, high performance cutting blade. But, with high performance it comes a high price of $103. The only reason why it is not so used by amateur cookers is the safety issue. Everyone that sees this boning knife or any other kind of global product they freak out. You see, the handle of it is made totally from stainless steel molded with a dimpled pattern. And the probability of slipping while cutting is slightly higher than other ones.

But, when I first held it in my hand though, it felt quite comfortable an incredibly lightweight. In fact it has a total weight of 3.2 ounces. The other thing that I like about this particular knife is the fact that it is perfectly balanced. And it feels like an extension of the hand while working. The cutting process is so perfect and neat that not a single piece of meat will be thrown away. The edge of the blade is double sided beveled so it can be used by both the right and left handed. Also the global is a little bit longer around 6 and 1/4 inches even though is lighter. This way you will be able to reach and cut through any kind of bony meat.

Some testimonials claim that they were able to make very thin fish fillets with it. You can work with it for a very long time because the Globe brand has a lifetime warranty against breakage. I guess this is the reason why it costs so much. However, the fact that it is incredibly sharp and resistant does not mean that it does not need maintenance. Just lightly sharpen it for around thirty seconds with a steel sharpener before usage.

Tuna fish cutting in a Japanese restaurant

Update International boning knife

The Update International 6 inches boning knife is a very useful tool in your kitchen. And, it is of course a very nice addition to your current set of knives. This knife can be easily bought online for the amazing price of $12.54. Which I think is a great price for anyone that does not want to spend a lot of money for a kitchenware. Personally, I suggest it not only because it is a great deal but even for its performance.

This update brand knife is particularly well balanced for medium precision cuts. It has a curved shaped blade with a pointy sharpened edge. Thanks to its high carbon steel blade manufactured in Germany it is possible to make very clean cuts. I love the experience that this knife delivers while cutting through bones. It is not very complicated to understand how to use it. And most importantly is very safe thanks to it ergonomic type handle.

The handle is made of some kind of white colored plastic material. That is expected from a rather cheap product. I do not have any warranty coverage information whatsoever. But, it is always necessary to keep it always dry and wash it only with tap water because it is not rust free. I do not want to make a negative comment for this knife but I have to say that it cannot be compared with other well known brands. However, it is a good buy if you are on a budget and it is going to do its job.

Dexter Russell boning knife - sani safe series

This is my final item of the list of the best and more efficient boning knives on the market. Even though the Dexter Russell is only available within the US I think it is worth it to be displayed. This particular knife is available online for a decent price of $19.34 at the moment I am writing. Momentarily is on a discount of 18% because it used to cost around $24. It is a Sani Safe series production as it is stated in the package.

In fact I have to say that the knife has a safe grip-tex handle. So, it is at least safer to use than the previous Global which was a professional usage knife. As it happens with any single quality knife this one has a high carbon steel material. It is flexible enough to easily cut through raw chicken bones and poultry. You can also make delicious lamb based dinner without any single piece of bone or unwanted fat.

The total length of the of the Dexter Russell blade is 6 inches. It has a curved shape blade and is perfect for right and left hand users. Thanks to its pointy upward smooth blade you can enter and debone almost any kind of meat. Or if you want you can use it for making nice fish fillets.

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      Great overview on how to get the best value.


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