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Guide to buying the best Masticating Juicer

Updated on April 5, 2015

Why a masticating juicer?

Finding and buying the best masticating juicer on the market (or differently referred to as slow juicer) is not a simple task. It is necessary to look for the right balance between performance and price. That is why it is essential to be aware of the benefits of having such a juicer in your kitchen too. Many people claim that they do not get the right amount of enzymes from food because of a slow metabolism.

When you juice the food with a slow juicer you will get a higher concentrated amount of nutrient in a very small dosage. I am a huge fan and a little bit addicted I must say of healthy lifestyle. I run five to eight miles a day, I eat lots of healthy non GMO food and of course I drink a lot of juiced vegetables and fruits.

At first I purchased a centrifugal juicer before the masticating juicer became particularly popular. In fact I really loved my Breville centrifugal juicer. It was very fast and it did not utilize too much space. But, being fast is not a good attribute for a good health. However, a couple of months ago I heard about the masticating juicing machine by a friend of mine. He stated that the normal juicer that everyone has in their kitchen is the worst way to receive nutrients from the fruit pulp. The reason is because after some seconds of working it starts to generate enormous amounts of heat which can be destructive to the final product.

This means that the faster it juices the higher the temperature and the amount of nutrients from juicing will result in less amount or not at all. I did an in depth research and found out that, that is totally true. So, I compiled a list of the best masticating juicer that I could find online. I hope that this will serve as a useful guide for anyone who wishes to include a "slow" but super healthy addition to their daily diet. Before you go for a masticating juicer you should keep in mind that the speed of juicing is around six times slower than the centrifugal. Also, you have to cut in smaller pieces, fruits such as apple, orange mango etc. because the entry part or auger is smaller.

Champion commercial juicer

The champion brand is one of a kind masticating juicer. Meaning that has a unique body structure made of 100% nylon except for the blades and engine of course. Which are made of stainless steel. It is sold in two colors, in black and white version. It has a medium price of $295 and can be ordered through phone or directly online. The greatest thing about it as I said above is the nylon body construction. It means that is very elastic and does not crack easily. You can drop it from a certain height and it will not happen anything.

Even if the juicer might accidentally crack or in the worst case stop working, champion has a 5 year limited warranty for all the parts. And a 3 year warranty and technical support for the engine only. Personally I think that this is great, because I always tend to judge a product by the technical support and warranty type. The size of it is quite acceptable with 19" large, 7.8" wide, 12" of height making it very portable and easy to re locate inside and around the kitchen. The weight is not something that the champion brand are proud of. Due to the fact of 1/3 horse power heavy duty motor for more performance it weights around 25 pounds.

But, in conclusion I have to say that is a nice addition to the kitchen. With a 1.75" in diameter feed tube is incredibly fast. It can juice almost anything except the wheat grass. But, it is possible to make frozen sorbets, veggie loaves, food for your baby, nut butter and of course perfectly extract the fruits yield. You do not have to make a lot of effort to wash it too because it has something four different easy to assemble parts. The nylon texture has less friction, which reduces the amount of food that usually stays attached inside the masticating juicer after working.

Guide to buying the best Masticating Juicer

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Sugarcane healthy juiceSmoothie
Sugarcane healthy juice
Sugarcane healthy juice | Source
Smoothie | Source

Kuvings NJE-3582 masticating slow juicer

In my quest of finding the best masticating juicer I stumbled upon the Kuvings Nje-3582. The kuvings masticating juicer is the second best choice in my opinion. With only $299.98 you will have an all purpose slow juicer being able to make different operations at a slow speed. In fact this juice maker has not a very powerful engine it has a power rotation of 80 rpm. But this does not mean that you will not get all the nutritional values from the food.

Utilizing such a low speed but efficient engine the food will not go to waste. There is not so much heat generated from juicing process, meaning no oxidation of the final product. The Kuvings operates with 7 different nozzles that can process the food in various ways. Thanks to these processing qualities you can juice, mince or even grind the foods. From the most delicate green foods to the hard shelled and fibrous foods like carrots, celery and coffee beans. The description says that it is capable of crushing ice. I have seen a video about this machine that it can actually do that making very delicious sorbets or crushed ice for margaritas. The 170 watt super quiet engine is able to stay fully operative after half an hour of non stop work.

Kuvings Nje-3582 is very simple to assemble and reassemble. And, the most important thing is that it can be taken apart piece by piece in order to clean it. This product has a total weight of 17 pounds with a particularly small body(without the feeding tube). When it is fully assembled it can take up to 14.5" large, 11.5" wide and 13" of height. Also this practical appliance comes with a 5 year warranty. But, beware before buying it because its power supply supports only electrical standards in the northern America or more precisely in US and Canada.

Juicer usage

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Sugarcane juice manual extractor in India

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Sugarcane juice manual extractor in IndiaCucumber, celery and apple juiceDifferent margarita variations
Sugarcane juice manual extractor in India
Sugarcane juice manual extractor in India | Source
Cucumber, celery and apple juice
Cucumber, celery and apple juice | Source
Different margarita variations
Different margarita variations | Source

Tribest Sw 2000 Slowstar vertical slow juicer and mincer

The tribest sw 2000 brand produces high quality slow juicers that have a vertical dual auger. I am introducing the Tribest vertical juicer in my list because it has all the properties of a horizontal one. So, if you find a vertical slow juicer of the tribest brand you can rest assure that you are going for the best. The Sw has very easy to assemble interchangeable parts, that even your children can learn how to do it.

This small kitchen appliance can be found for $379.95 on every appliance store or mall. There is only one available color online though, which is the red and black variation. The tribest slowstar is able to perform two main actions with three different speed gears, which are mincing and of course juicing. It has a very slow rotation making it possible to preserve all the enzymes and the crucial nutrients of the food. The 200 watt engine generates a total low power speed of 47 rpm. This way it is nearly impossible to generate any heat. I suggest you to use it for making homemade sorbets. You can take the frozen food or fruit directly from the freezer and put it inside the feed of the SW 2000. This action cannot be performed with a normal centrifugal juicer machine because the generated heat melts the ice.

As I said this device is easy to use and to be assembled. You can simply change the two main parts depending on your needs. If it is needed to make nut butter, sorbets or pates all you have to do is change the attachment of juicing and put the one for mincing. Practically the mincing and juicing attachments are the two basic parts of the tribest that need to be constantly cleaned. This product has a total assembled weight of 18 pounds. And requires a very small corner of the kitchen due to its 8" large, 8" wide, 18" height of size.

Masticating juicer product details

Masticating slow juicer brands
Warranty information
Engine power/ speed(rpm)
Champion slow juicer
25pounds/19"L, 7.8"W, 12"H
5 years
1/3 horse power, 1725 rpm
Kurvings Nje-3582
20pounds/14.5"L, 11.5"W, 13"H
5 years
170 watt power, 80 rpm
Tribest SW 2000
18 pounds/8"L, 8"W, 18"H
200watt power, 47rpm
Omega J8005
17.3 pounds/14.5"L, 6.5"W, 15.5"H
80 rpm
Breville fountain crush
14 pounds/8.6"L, 7.4"W, 16.3"H
1 year
240 watt power, 80 rpm
This is a table that has thorough details of the best masticating juicer online. This table involves practical information such as price, weight/size, warranty info, and engine power.

Celery and garlic juice

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Celery and garlic juice
Celery and garlic juice
Celery and garlic juice | Source

Omega J8005 single gear household masticating juicer

The Omega J8005 juicing machine is able to juice anything you put in. No food is difficult to process with the famous omega masticating juicer. This small kitchen appliance comes for all the house kitchens in chrome and black color. It can be ordered online, through the phone or by going directly to the "nutrition center" manufacturers selling points. Even the price is quite affordable, it costs only $228.99. The omega has a unique dual stage system with a low speed of 80 rpm. This means that it can easily process food without foam, heat building or clogging.

Probably the best thing about low speed juicers is the fact that they operate in such a low speed that they can process even leafy greens. The most difficult thing to process are wheatgrass, roots of the veggies as well as leaves. But, for the omega J8005 this is not an issue at all. More exactly, you will be able to perform the following action: Omega is a very useful food processor, pasta extruder, grinder and homogenizer.

Also, this machine is built with a pulp auto ejection system that makes it possible to work without stopping for more than half an hour. The space that omega utilizes will not be an issue because the assembled machine is 14.5" large, 6.5" wide and 15.5" height, with a weight of 17.3 pounds. Omega J8005 is manufactured in a way to be easily cleaned without any frustration. Beware that the electrical parts are only functional in the US and Canada area.

Manual slow juicer for wheatgrass

Wheatgrass being juiced on a manual type slow juicer
Wheatgrass being juiced on a manual type slow juicer | Source

Breville fountain crush masticating slow juicer

The Breville brand has always been famous for manufacturing centrifugal expensive juicers but in this case they have passed themselves with fountain crush. The fountain crush is a vertical type masticating juicer that has all the attributes of a horizontal one. Before explaining what this kitchenware is able to do I have to say that it comes on an acceptable price $270.65. This kitchenware is able to perform many juicing actions thanks to its 240 watt that operates in an exceptionally slow speed of 80 rpm. This way you can get your favorite amount of vitamins in full mode. Also the breville fountain crush has only a "on" and "off" button which makes it very simple to use.

This machine has a powerful and yet very quiet engine. It is amazing to watch it while juicing everything in absolute silence. Now you can finally make all you favorite recipes without even being noticed that you have turned it on. The structure of this appliance is another thing that I want to talk about. Even though it is a masticating vertical one this juicer has the property of the direction control. That makes sure that the vegetables or fruits of any kind can be easily dislodged from the juicing screw. Also, the auger or the entry mechanism with a large diameter offers a high versatility.

Breville fountain crush can process all the soft type of fruits or vegetables, being able to clearly separate the yield from the pulp into two different containers. The only thing that I do no fancy about this product is the warranty. Indeed the breville fountain crush has only a limited warranty of one year and that does not involve electrical issues. Despite the limited warranty I have to say that it has practically everything that an efficient appliance needs. It is amazingly fast, easy to clean, with a pretty decent price and it does not need too much space in the kitchen. In fact, it has a total weight of around 14 pounds with a total space usage of 8.6" large, 7.4" wide, 16.3" height. This way it can be easily moved or cleaned.

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    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      3 years ago from Oklahoma

      My wife and I have been in the market for a new juicer. Very helpful article.


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