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Guideline of buying and installing hot tubs - provided by ChooseHotTubsDirect

Updated on February 3, 2011

Once you have decided finally to purchase a hot tub, you should take into account some following matters. Buying a hot tub or a spa is certainly not a daily event as you must have known that this kind of appliances is too much expensive. Therefore, you’ve to select your hot tub very wisely and of course you’ve to make sure its proper installation and proper maintenance as well.

What to choose

Do you like to enjoy your hot tub session with your family members and with friends? Then, perhaps you’ll need a giant sized hot tub that can accommodate more people. Or if you want to enjoy it privately just with your near & dear one, a small sized hot tub having only two seats will be perfect for you. You can add extra features with your hot tub so that you can enjoy it more amusingly. Nowadays hot tubs come with stereo option, TV or DVD option. If you’re choosy with color and design, you should select such a store where you’ll find wide range of variation. According to your choice requirement, select a hot tub that suits you most prominently.

Also check out the manufacturing brand of your hot tub as it’s not less important than other factors while buying hot tubs, because the quality of hot tubs is totally assured by the manufacturers.

Visiting the pages of online reviews is a great idea before buying a product online. I came to know a lot of information about Choosehottubsdirect after visiting the page of reviews.

Installing a hot tub successfully

In-ground and portable hot tubs, both are available in the market. If you’ve enough empty spaces in the backyard place, you can set up a hot tub permanently there. Otherwise, you can opt for a portable hot tub. I think portable hot tubs are much better to choose since these are less expensive and these need less time to install than in-ground hot tubs. Moreover, you can move it anywhere you want in the future.

Let’s come to the point of installation. Before setting up, make sure that outer walls of the hot tub don’t have any contact with the soil. Strong surface is just what the specialists suggest to set up hot tub as it’ll become heavy after having filled with water and obviously you don’t expect to see your hot tub sinking in the ground. For an ideal set up, it’s essential to have 220 volt circuit as well as a white neutral wire and a green insulated ground wire (required by code).

The following steps provided by Choose Direct Hot Tubs might help for an effective installation

Step 1: Select some available space for draining.

Step 2: Fix your hot tub on the level surface or lower it into the pit (a 5' diameter requires a 7' wide hole).

Step 3: Establish a connection from the hot tub to the electric source. Plug in the wire very cautiously after reading thoroughly the installation manual. You may call in an expert to assist you in this regard.

Step 4: Add the chemicals in the water what you’re suggested to.

Step 5: Switch on the hot tub and let the water to heat up until it reaches to your preferred temperature.

Now you’re quite ready to enjoy your hot tub. I’ll try to write on maintenance guideline of hot tubs next time. Till then, you’ll have a great time hopefully.


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    • DellNixon profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago

      Yeah, good luck.

    • profile image

      Casey Ollson 

      8 years ago

      Great advice! With all of the hot tubs for sale out there, it can be hard to choose if you have no idea going in what you're looking for. I shopped online for mine with no idea ahead of time and found just as many choices in the show room. At least online I could click through different ones faster! Nice hub!


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