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Guides To Remember When Choosing A Curtain

Updated on May 25, 2013

One of the most important elements of interior design is window treatments. As this might be the case, most homeowners who design their house might forget about this essential element. They think that buying curtains can be done after everything is laid out. Only to find out that they just made window decoration more difficult and complex. For this reason, window treatments should never be neglected. It should be taken into consideration too during the planning phase. When window treatments is effectively laid out, you interior design with become more impressive and stunning.

In this article, it is worth looking at the different guides and tips on how to choose the right curtains for your windows.

Choose different curtain style for each room

Unless you are planning to make things plain and simple, having different curtains for different rooms is a very good idea. You should not limit your design and choices in only one style. Some people, when they found a curtain that suits their taste, will apply that curtain to every room even though the curtain does not fit the room’s overall design. This is a common mistake among people. It is a must that you personalise each room and choose the right curtain design to create an uninterrupted flow of visual effect.

Know your need for privacy

Curtains may range in size and thickness. If you intend to increase your privacy in a certain part of your house, then you need to get a thicker curtain. Though the drawback may be obvious; it allows less sunlight to penetrate. Having said this, you need to carefully choose which part of your room needs privacy. This may include your bedroom, bathroom, clothing area, and other places. Another option you might want to consider is to combine thick curtain with the thin ones. You can use the thin curtain in case you do not need too much privacy and you need better illumination.

Get the right material

When choosing a curtain, get the right material. Curtains can be made of different materials and each of them may have their advantages and disadvantages. Make sure that the material used is durable and does not easily tear. It should be fade resistant especially if you will install the curtain in a room where it is often exposed to sunlight. Moreover, avoid using silk curtain since this type of material can easily fade. Silk is better off with pillow casing and other accents for the room.

Blend the curtain with the overall room design

Obviously, you do not want to use a curtain that sticks out of the design. Its measurement too should perfectly fit the window. That is why you should get made to measure curtains. Sometimes, it is not bad to be creative and experiment on your curtain design. But you must remember that the curtain should not clash with other elements of the room.

These are just some of the guides you need to know when choosing a curtain. Take time to apply these in your planning to come up with the best interior design.


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