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Gun and Rifle Wall and Cabinet Safes for the Home

Updated on December 4, 2012

Gun and Rifle Safes

Most places require you to have a gun or rifle safe by law, to ensure the safety of those around you, especially children in the household who may accidentally use your gun, thinking it is a toy, and burglars who would be off with any gun they found in a second.

There are many different types of gun safes on the market today, to suit every budget and lifestyle. It is always better to buy the best you can afford, because your gun or rifle safe will be expected to last for many years, and may even be passed down to the next generation if taken good care of.

You need to think about where in your house you are going to store your gun or rifle safe, and how often you will need access to it, and I hope you will read everything I have written below to help give you some idea of what you want from your gun or rifle safe.

Fireproof gun safes

Fireproof gun safes may obviously be a requirement, especially if you store your ammunition with your gun. You will want your ammunition especially protected in event of a fire.

The fire-proof material they use to line these safes can causer moisture to build up within the casing unless it is kept in a temperate room in your house where the temperature never fluctuates much and the cold and damp is kept away.

Some fireproof gun safes come with heaters to prevent dampness which of course leads to rust which must be avoided if you want to keep your weapon in tip-top condition.

Waterproof Gun Safes

Again you will want to keep them as dry as possible to avoid rust, and so a safe specially designed to keep moisture out may be a must on your list of requirements. The waterproof gun safes highlighted here are top quality and extra reinforced to make them especially secure.

High Security Safes

You want a gun safe to be especially secure, so look for ones that are marked as high security safes. One that is really difficult to break into is what you want.

A high security safe with a lock and key as opposed to an electronic lock is much more difficult and time-consuming to break into without the keys.

Rifle Safes

In the free-standing range there are big, heavy and really secure rifle safes especially designed for rifles that are both fire and water resistant, or there are smaller and cheaper rifle safes that so long as the rifle or shotgun is securely locked inside will keep you on the right side of the law.

Beware with the tall cupboard types of rifle safe never to leave it open and unattended, even after you have removed your guns.

It is very tempting for small children to wander inside, and it is not the first time a child has been trapped in one of these rifle safes.

Far better to get into the habit of always closing and locking the door after you.

Also beware that trifle safes are extremely heavy, especially the doors, so in an open state it is entirely possible that they could fall over, thereby severely injuring or possibly killing whoever was near it at the time.

Wall-mounted Pistol Safes at Amazon

Wall-mounted Pistol Safe

This wall-mounted pistol safe can be embedded in a wall so that its frontage is level with the wall, and can then be hidden with a mirror or framed picture and is ideal for storing your pistol away from prying eyes, and you can put your other valuables in as well.

Drawer Safes for Guns

There are quite a variety of drawer safes on offer, all of which offer you the practicality of storing your gun away safely while it can always be within easy reach should it be needed.Some drawer safes can be mounted in the trunk of a vehicle, or in a kitchen drawer or bedside stand, wherever you feel comfortable to have your gun.

Also included here is a little drawer safe that can be mounted on a wall in an out of the way place like the inside of a wardrobe, high up off the floor to keep little fingers away from it. This type of cabinet is also usually hidden from view from tradesmen that may be working in your property as they would not be expected to enter your closet under any circumstance.

Some have combination locks that need a key to move the locking mechanism, and this could stop someone guessing the combination you have set.

Gunvault Safes

Gun vault safes are lightweight security devices to keep your hand pistols safe from unauthorised access. They include a keypad with an access code known only by you, that can easily be accessed even in the dark, with an audio feedback to reassure you that you have accessed the correct keys. This audio can be silenced in times of crisis.

Made of 16 gauge steel, gunvault safes are virtually impossible to break into, and contain and onboard computer that will notify you if an irregular attempt has been made to access it. Gunvault safes also lock-up if too many irregular attempts are made.

The biometric gunvault safes contain a fingerprint reader for quicker access.

Battery-powered, they give an audio warning when the battery is low, and when open provide a courtesy light inside.


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  • profile image

    Joey Bennett 7 years ago

    Gun safes have come a lone way over the years. I think it is important to have both a fire and waterproof safe. This will protect it from most elements and keep your gun in good condition. I like how you mention not to leave open a rifle safe. I think this is something that many people do not think about. Great Hub!