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Gutter Guard Adelaide

Updated on April 2, 2016

Gutter Protection System Gone Wrong

Poor Quality Gutter Mesh. Vote below for your input on this type of gutter protection system.
Poor Quality Gutter Mesh. Vote below for your input on this type of gutter protection system. | Source

Steel Gutter Guard V Gutter Mesh

As you can see from the picture, it paints a 1000 words I could write but you get the picture. This expensive gutter mesh or leaf shield, whatever you want to call it is pure rubbish. In Australia we have large gum trees that liter the streets and backyards of Adelaide, SA. Though it makes Adelaide, SA a beautiful green city, it has its major downfalls when it comes to roofing maintenance, gutter cleaning, blocked storm water drains and blocked downpipes from all the debris from these gum trees that drop bark one season, then ,leaves the next season, then gum nuts soon after that. During these seasons the gum tree will also be dropping large branches and other tree and bark debris all over your roof.

Gutter Guard & Gutter Mesh Installations

When it comes to gutter guards you just need high quality steel gutter guards that can handle the weight of the amount of debris the gum tree drops on to your roofing and guttering system. If you are harvesting rain water then gutter guards are and excellent to keep your rain water clean and fresh. If you need a quality gutter guard system then the steel gutter guards are the most effective gutter protection you can get. The Fielders Gutter Guards are also cheaper to get installed then the collapsible gutter mesh orleafshields that can not last for more than 2 years in South Australian conditions.

Quality Steel Gutter Guards Fielders Adelaide

Quality Gutter Guards in Adelaide, South Australia 5000
Quality Gutter Guards in Adelaide, South Australia 5000 | Source

Gutter Mesh & Leaf Shield Work

How Much Do you think Gutter Mesh/Leaf Shield Costs Compared To Steel Gutter Guards

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Average Gutter Guard Price In Adelaide, SA 5000

On a modern 3-4 Bedroom home for a standard leaf shield or gutter mesh style protection system it will cost around $2500 to supply and install. That is on the lower ind of the price scale some gutter mesh and leaf shield quotes I received were in the $4000 mark and even more. While the quality steel gutter guards were in the $999 to $1500 mark depending on which company you went through. Now which gutter protection system will you chose? If your still not convinced, watch the video at the bottom of this page about downpipes causing major water damage simply because the downpipes were blocked by the gutter mesh and leaf guard itself.

This type of gutter portection system will block up your gutters faster than if you never installed any gutter protection at all. This guards scored a 3/10 for

Poor Quality Mesh
Poor Quality Mesh | Source

Do You Think Steel Gutter Guards Are better Quality?

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Price Of Gutter Guards

Cost of gutter guards Adelaide Bunnings
Cost of gutter guards Adelaide Bunnings | Source

Bottle Brush Gutter Guards Scored 8/10 for Effectiveness In Our Gutter Guard Review

Bottle Brush Gutter Guards
Bottle Brush Gutter Guards | Source

Bottle Brush Gutter Guards

We think that the Bottle Brush Gutter Guards scored well on our gutter protection reviews. So we named them in the category of "Gutter Guards" because they actually do effectively guard the gutters from over flowing and causing major water damage within a few years of no roofing maintenance. These gutter guards are effective because they always leave a channel of water to allow water to pass through to your downpipe and not cause water the downpipes to get so blocked up that the gutter backup into the roofing eaves causing expensive water damage or cause a nice waterfall over your front door every time it rains. These Bottle Brush Gutter Guards are so simple to install anyone can can install them and are basically idiot proof. Corners are easily made by bending the bottle brush guard into the shape that you want and fit it in under the guttering clips. They are also really easy to remove and clean and then replace some companies offer a free 12 months gutter clean/roofing inspection if you install their gutter guards.


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