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Updated on May 20, 2013

The Story:

In this time of being money tight, we need ways to stretch our dollars with products that may already be around our homes. This is just a few ideas that I have implemented in my own home. They may not work for you but it would not hurt to try them and see for yourself.

Our closets tend to become stale from clothes hanging in them for a long period of time and I implemented this idea from wanting a fresher smelling closet for the clothes that we wear more often. Putting freshly washed clothes or linens in a fresh smelling closet keeps the freshness longer.

My sisters began giving me samples of perfume they had received as a bonus gift for a larger purchase of cosmetics or face creams at a cosmetics counter. I love the smell of a fresh perfume but I'm not a woman who wears one that is too powerful, so it came to me to try using it to freshen my closets.

The process uses a fresh paper towel, which people normally have around the house. A clothes hanger is also needed to place the paper towel on. Any type of hanger will do


First, take a fresh paper towel and make a hole in it and place it over the hanger's neck.

Next, take a fresh smelling perfume or one that is pleasing to you, and spritz the paper towel with it a few or more times, depending on the strength of the scent.

Place the hanger with the freshened paper towel into the closet in the center so that the perfume will permeate evenly through the whole space, trying to avoid touching the clothes so that it may have room to circulate throughout the closet.

In my linen closet, I just fold the paper towel that I spritz with the perfume and tuck part of it underneath some of the linens on the shelf.This process may also be used as an air freshener for a room, depending on your sensitivity to smells. I, myself prefer the more clean and fresh scents rather than one that is too overpowering.

When and if the paper towel fresheners go stale, it's a simple process of replacing it with a new one as you see the need. The scents that you know will be pleasant to live with are the ones to use in this process.

There are cloth potpourris that do have good scents but I find that they tend to go stale fairly quick, so I developed this method for my own preference to be able to use the scents that are pleasant to me. They even give a lift to my spirit and in turn make me feel better all together.


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