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Updated on December 14, 2009

Household pests were always present in our house. This was the problem most housewives complained on how to get rid of this troublesome pests. A control measures in needed to minimize their habitat.

Before control measures be carried out, know first what type of pest is harboring in your house. It is better if you know the feeding habit of this pest. Know about where they live or hide so that you can effectively destroy them.

If the degree of infestation was very severe then hiring the services of pest control company to do the necessary eradication measures is most advisable.

Sanitation is the best important form of good housekeeping. By doing it regularly there is an assurance of better prevention against them. Take note that when infestation is spreading in your house, to your receiving room, kitchen and rooms, they can damage your upholstery, linens, clothes and other important items.

Garbage must be placed in areas allocated for them. Be sure to have a cover so that cockroaches and small rats cannot go inside and eats the scrapped bits of food. Any left-over in the kitchen should be dispose immediately so that no household pests can harbor inside it.

The cabinet in your kitchen should be clean at all times. You may use insecticides to spray its corners to control cockroaches and other small insects to live there.

Do a periodic fumigation in every corner of your house most probably to the possible hiding places of termites. Attack of termites is common to wooden houses damaging bridging, walling, ceiling and flooring. All this areas can not easy be applied with eradication chemicals. It should be done often. Once the effectiveness of the chemicals worn out this termites will attack again.

To those who wanted to build a house, it is preferable to build it concrete with steel girders, purlins and trusses with steel roofing and metal fascia board to discourage termites to destroy those areas most susceptible for their onslaught.

Cleanliness of your pets should be maintained. Use commercial shampoo intended for animals to kill all living organisms in the skin like fleas, lice and ticks. If possible, dog should be confined outside the house.

Screening your windows and doors are most preferable to control smaller insects and other bothersome pests to enter inside. The purpose is to reduce the presence of flies, mosquitoes and other crawling and flying insects.

If you can diligently do the control measures periodically, this household pests can be controlled to become numerous inside your house.


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