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How to Keep Your House Beautifully Organized

Updated on March 19, 2018

Closets Organizing


I’ve found that baskets and lazysusans sold at either Target, Walmart, etc. come in handy and make your closets look neat.

FOR THE KITCHEN: In a small kitchen use your counters appropriately and be savvy about it. Decorate your counters with serving plates that you can use when serving when you have company. Use countertop lazysusan and organize let’s say all your coffee needs in one, the coffee maker, sugar, coffee, little spoons, tea, etc. Also, if you are the type that entertain don’t keep your drinking glasses far out of reach. Assemble them on another lazysusan, a bottle of wine, two or three different glasses, bottle stoppers and arrange it in a manner that is pleasant to look at and handy at the same time. If you are the type that is in to sushi, arrange a serving plate with your chopsticks, little bowl to prepare the sauce and a small plate for serving. To keep things out of site, you can use baskets to organize under the kitchen sink cabinet. Here you can have one to keep the detergents, sponges, brushes, etc. in one neat place.

FOR THE BATHROOM, use two baskets for under the sink one to keep all the toilet paper and one for the bathroom cleaning tools. It gives you a different feel to open the doors and see everything organized. A nice cute basket for the top of the toilet comes handy in a small bathroom. Here you can put your extra bathroom soap, shampoo, conditioner and grooming items. Find a place in the where you can have two “pretty” baskets. One covered for under wears and one for your towels making your bathroom look good but also have your towels accessible. All this, although small, can really keep the home organized.

MEDICINE CHEST, buy little open baskets and keep all immediate medicine and ointments organized according to size. Cotton and Qtips containers if well organized look adorable and easy to grab.

FOR THE LINEN CLOSET, try to have baskets for your towels, bed sheets and bathroom rugs stored. If you don’t have a storage closet this will be a place where you can keep laundry detergent beautifully stowed away in a pretty basket.

FOR THE CLOTHES CLOSET, try to keep clothes color coded, it is easier at the end. All tank tops organized by color and you can hang up to 10 in one hanger. When you organize everything by color is a lot easier to find what you’re looking for. Try to keep the clothes that you use most frequently to one side and the “Sunday” clothes on another side, like that is easier when dressing to go shopping in the morning or dressing to go out to dinner. For the linen closet try to use a pillow case to enter your sheets in it once washed and folded. That way when the next time comes around to change the sheets you know where all your pieces are.

INCOMING MAIL, for all the mail that you have accumulated and don’t know what to do with it, buy partition folders. In one folder you can have the receipts for your rent/mortgage payments, your car payment, insurance and electric, making it easy to find everything easier with just a pull of a folder.

SHOES. The same goes for shoes, try to buy clear plastic shoe boxes that way you can immediately see what is in it. The “going out” shoes, keep them on the top shelf. Have your sneakers, sandals and working shoes at the bottom as those are the ones you will be reaching for the most.

SCARFS, a beautiful open basket is a good place to store them in

BELTS, a belts basket next to the scarfs is also good to have.

With these simple ideas your house will be neatly organized and everything easily accessible to every one in the household. In case a noisy visitor stops by and open your linen closet or the medicine chest by mistake they will be very surprised to see how you keep everything in check.

Make a list of the little baskets you need, they don’t have to be expensive, but the right size. Make an inventory and slowly start organizing your place. You will be happy you did.

© 2018 Donayda Candelari


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