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Halloween Jack-O-Lantern Apartment Decoration Using Wall Art

Updated on January 9, 2015

The Alternative of Wall Art Decoration

Jack-o'-lanterns make up the staple decoration of Halloween, a holiday that is all about decoration. According to folk-lore, scary pumpkin faces illuminated by candlelight are supposed to ward off ghosts and demons that awake on Halloween -- or at least to mimic and confuse them. For those who wish to skip the messy business of carving pumpkins (or buying carved ones), wall art and prints can serve as nice substitutes for the real thing.

Posters of jack-o'-lanterns will make a good decorating addition for the apartment or residence when preparing for a party, or an intimate "supernatural" event that involves giving your friends a scare. They'll also make a great present. I've compiled a list of my favorite jack-o'-lanterns of all kinds and purposes -- from children's cute decorative pictures to more serious and realistic variations.

For the Kids

These colored-pencil smiling jack-o'-lanterns feature various funny hats and a rainbow of soothing colors. Only one tooth -- they dispose almost completely with the darker element while enhancing the magical side. Here it is all about the fun -- suitable particularly for the little ones -- and the imagination. The hats suggest harmless buffoonery in a way that each child may find a hat that fits its character; having a favorite will provide an additional sense of security. Decorating with a print like this will amount to installing a warm-hearted personal guardian.

Pagan Origins

These elaborate designs explore the pagan origins of the holiday. They are particularly relevant to our times, when people experience and experiment with ancient creeds and religions. Today many young women take pride in the title "witch" -- a trend inconceivable a generation ago -- they take it seriously, and study and collect medicinal herbs, concocting "potions" and connecting with spirits. Halloween belongs to these witches... so be careful not to offend one!

Psychedelic Jack-o'-lanterns

These are for another kind of experimenters. Exploration once again takes the lead role, but this time it is between the practitioners and their brain rather than their creed. Always consult your witch before consuming anything that may lead to hallucinatory visions, or, better yet, if you are unsure about the risks, simply go for a decoration. Halloween can be intense as it is regarding colors and unexpected apparitions. It's all, however, a matter of attitude -- such a print can serve as both a trick and a treat.

Group -- Panoramic

This collection of Jack-o'-lanterns is a great example of group dynamics in decoration. Seeing many half-scary faces amplifies the fun effect and contributes to a more uninhibited atmosphere. There are more faces to examine and pick from -- if you wish such a print to serve you as a guide for choosing a real design. The unusual panoramic shape of the prints makes them more practically decorative than the regular posters because like garlands, they can be cut into several pieces to create more complex decorations.

Big Faces

Two faces -- one smiling, one scowling -- represent the twofold nature of Halloween. It is both fun and sinister, it may evoke one's biggest fears and make him or her feel completely alone, but also brings everyone closer to each other and strengthens family and community ties. I think that both sides together -- one tricking, one treating-- convey what Halloween is really about. Eventually, it teaches the kids how to have fun, or to set limits to it -- depending on what they need more.

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