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Halogen Oven Review: Andrew James Oven

Updated on June 20, 2016
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Anne lives with her husband in Dublin, Ireland and enjoys cooking, reading psychology articles, and taking care of animals.

It would have got 3 stars if it hadn't been for the Customer Service

2 stars for Andrew James Halogen Oven
Advantages of Halogen Ovens
Disadvantages of Halogen Ovens
Advantages of Andrew James Halogen Oven
Disadvantages of Andrew James Halogen Oven
Food retains more of the juices
It doesn’t hold enough food for more than four people
More accessories than other brands included
Very Bad Customer Service
Uses less energy
Does not defrost very well
Stand for lid included
Takes up less space than a conventional or microwave oven
Difficult to lift the tray out of the oven when it’s hot, even with the tongs provided
Recipe book included
The lid is heavy and difficult to handle when hot
It cooks too quickly on top
The Andrew James 12L Halogen Oven
The Andrew James 12L Halogen Oven | Source
Andrew James have the most accessories, including the lid stand and a cookbook
Andrew James have the most accessories, including the lid stand and a cookbook | Source

Research on Halogen Ovens

Having decided to buy a halogen oven, I did my research and trawled the internet for reviews of the best brands.

There are a number of different brands out there such as JML, Flavorwave, Coopers and Andrew James but all halogen ovens seem to be pretty much the same. However, Andrew James included the most accessories with theirs, including a stand for the lid.

This must be bought separately with most other brands and most of the reviewers said that it is essential. Having used the oven, I agree wholeheartedly.

Customer Service of Andrew James

The reviews also said that Andrew James had the best customer service, so the decision wasn't difficult. However, as you shall see, the customer service we received was definitely not the best.

A piece was broken off from the stand
A piece was broken off from the stand | Source

The 12L Andrew James Halogen Oven

I bought the 12L Andrew James Halogen Oven through Amazon, and got an email direct from Andrew James saying it had been dispatched.

It took longer than the time stated to arrive, but we do live in a pretty remote area and couriers sometimes have a little trouble finding us, so I let it go. Once it arrived the first thing I noticed was that a small rubber support had broken away from the stand.

I took a photograph of it right away and emailed it to Andrew James Customer Service, asking them to send me a new stand. They agreed and said it would be dispatched in a day or two. Satisfied, I began to use my new oven. (The broken piece could be pushed back into place).

Learning to use a Halogen Oven

There is a learning curve with using a halogen oven, but I got the hang of it pretty quickly and by the first weekend managed to do a very nice roast chicken.

Some of the reviews said that the halogen oven cooks food faster than a conventional oven, but I didn't find this to be the case.

Halogen, conventional or microwave oven?

Just about any food that can be cooked in a conventional oven can be cooked in a halogen oven.

However, vegetables actually take longer to roast than meat, and you need to cover the food most of the time because it burns quite quickly, which is an irritating disadvantage.

But unlike a microwave, it does brown the food nicely if you uncover it for a short time at the end of cooking.

Halogen Oven Cook Books

The 12L oven is just big enough to cook a piece of meat to feed four people.

The pictures you see in advertisements and on cookbooks with a chicken and vegetables all roasting together nicely is actually not practical.

You can cook meat and vegetable together, if you put your vegetables in an hour before you put in the meat, and if you are only cooking for one or two people.

Having said that, I did find a cookbook essential for learning the basics.

Defrosting with a Halogen Oven

There is a defrost setting on the halogen oven, but it doesn't work very well.

If the item is too small, it begins to cook on the outside while it’s still frozen on the inside. If it’s too big, it takes 3-4 times longer than a microwave to defrost.

The tongs are essential for lifting the tray out of the hot oven
The tongs are essential for lifting the tray out of the hot oven | Source

The tongs for Halogen Oven

The tongs provided with the oven are essential as it would be impossible to lift the tray out of the oven without it.

But even with the tongs, when the tray is full of hot food it is quite difficult to grip it. You really need to support it with a gloved hand once you lift it out.

The lid in the stand-side view
The lid in the stand-side view | Source
The lid in the stand-front view
The lid in the stand-front view | Source

The lid-stand essential for Halogen Oven

The stand for the lid is also essential, as mentioned above.

The lid is where the halogen bulb and fan are located so it is heavy and bulky and hot!

But essential as the stand is, it is not very satisfactory. It’s made of very light and shiny metal, and as you try to manoeuvre the heavy lid into it, it shoots away from you and across the worktop.

Because I needed two hands to hold the lid, I had to jam the stand against the wall to hold it steady.

My husband tried gluing some rubber pads onto the legs, and this did help somewhat, but it really was the lack of weight that was the problem.

Customer Service for Andrew James Halogen Oven

My replacement stand never arrived.

When I emailed Andrew James Customer Service after two weeks, I was asked to confirm my address and was told that the new stand would be dispatched the next day.

I waited another two weeks and emailed again with the same result.

So I emailed again, and again, and again.

Each time with an, albeit polite, email saying it would be dispatched the next day.

Eventually, the broken piece from the stand would no longer stay in place and as this made the oven unstable, it was too dangerous to use.

I complained to Amazon and was issued with a full refund.

Would I buy another Andrew James Halogen Oven?

Even though the food does retain more of the juices, it takes up less space than a microwave or conventional oven and uses less energy, I’m not sure I will buy another halogen oven.

But if I do decide to go for another one, I don’t think it will be an Andrew James Halogen Oven.

Rate your halogen oven

Have you used a halogen oven and if so, how would you rate it?

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    • annerivendell profile image

      annerivendell 11 months ago from Dublin, Ireland

      Hi Jenn, Apologies for the long delay in replying to your comment! I have been on Hub Pages many times since, but it's only today that 4 comments popped up which had been made up to 2 years ago. No idea why that is. Apologies again, and thank you for you comment. I'm still using our Andrew James oven, in the summertime mostly.

    • profile image

      JEnn 2 years ago

      Andrew James's more recent model with the hinged lid overcomes the problems you ( and many others ) noticed about the hot lid and lid stand. Compared to every model currently available the AJ stands out as easily the best design