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Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Coffee Grinder Review

Updated on January 25, 2015
Features:•Hands-Free - Press Button and Let Go •Auto Shutoff •Fineness Control •Rich and Robust Flavor •Retractable Cord
Features:•Hands-Free - Press Button and Let Go •Auto Shutoff •Fineness Control •Rich and Robust Flavor •Retractable Cord

The Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Coffee Grinder Review

No Kitchen Should be Without the Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Coffee Grinder

No kitchen should be without this coffee grinder. IMHO this is the best small kitchen coffee griner on the market. It has some great features that make it a must have in any fresh-perked coffee drinker's kitchen.

Some of the great features found in this coffee grinder are:

  • Graduated cap tells how many cups of coffee can be made with your grind.
  • Settings for fine, medium, and coarse grinds.
  • Automatic shutoff prevents coffee grinds from accidentally being sprayed all over your kitchen, or accidentally chopping your fingers off in spinning blades.
  • Retractable cord makes storage neat and tidy. (Saving the box makes storage even easier)

You Can Do More With a Coffee Grinder Than Grind Coffee

How to Use a Coffee Grinder for Other Things Besides Grinding Coffee

Interestingly enough, you can use this coffee grinder for other interesting things, besides just grinding coffee. Did you ever want chopped peanuts for on top of your CMP Sundae, but didn't have a fast and easy way to chop them? Enter, the coffee grinder. You can grind them to whatever consistency you like for on top of your CMP Sundae. Just keep in mind, when grinding nuts, they do contain oil and you don't want to put too many nuts in the grinder at the same time, or the oil will make them clump together and jam the blades.

You can also chop garlic, horseradish, ginger, etc in your coffee grinder, but make sure when you are finished you wash out the top of the grinder really well. You don't want your coffee to taste like garlic or horseradish I'm sure. Perhaps, you may ask "Why would I want to grind horseradish in my coffee grinder?" Luckily for you, I have the perfect answer!! Once every year, sometimes twice a make a very traditional Ukrainian drink of horseradish Vodka. Sometimes, a small batch only calls for what little horseradish I can grind in my coffee grinder, sometimes a larger batch calls for the Cuisinart. They key is to know that the more surface area of horseradish that is exposed to the vodka, the stronger it is. For people who like the bite of the horseradish, but would like to have it toned down a bit, just add a little bit of honey keep the bite, but add some sweetness. This is an easy concoction to whip up, but it is best if you let the horseradish soak in the vodka for at least a few weeks, or even longer.

This can be a relatively cheap exercise in a vodka infusion experiment also, as you don't have to use the most expensive vodka on the planet to make a quality drink. Russkie Standard is a quite good vodka, but rather expensive (about $24.99 for 750 mL in PA.). I have found that a reasonable and less expensive substitute is Platinum vodka, which is only $9.99 to $10.99 and it is seven times distilled and to me seems just as smooth as the previous brand. Most importantly, do not skimp on the horseradish. Make sure it is fresh and the sooner you grind it after you purchase it the better. I have found that usually the freshest horseradish root comes from the farmer's market, as opposed to the supermarket.

Other things that may be useful to grind in your coffee grinder, if you only need a small amount and you are in a hurry, are sunflower seeds, dried pumpkin seeds, or any other type of seed that you might be using in a coooking recipe that needs to be chopped first. So, always remember, your coffee grinder is a more versatile kitchen appliance than you may give it credit for.

Grinding Flax Seed With The Hamilton Beach Custom Grind Coffee Grinder

Would You Drink Civet Poop Coffee

See results

Best Beans to Use for Making Fresh Ground Coffee

What Are the Best Coffee Beans to Use for Making Fresh Ground Coffee

People may disagree on this subject, but the best tasing coffee in my opinion comes from Civet poop coffee beans, Now, Civet poop perhaps doesn't sound so appetizing, but considering that in some fine restaruants you may be paying up to $100.00 per cup for some fine Civet poop coffee, grinding your own will save you a lot of money.

Otherwise known as Kopi Luwak this coffee has a delicate, somewhat indescribable, nutty flavor. The Asian Palm Civet Cat which eats these coffee beans (or berries), partially digests and ferments them, and then the Civet poop is harvested and the partially digested beans are washed out of the poop cleaned off, and bagged for distribution and sale.

However, due to the high demand for Civet poop coffee, farming of the Civet Cat has become popular and there are concerns by many animal rights groups (such as PETA) that this practice leads to cruel conditions for those Civet Cats that are held in capitivity and fed human-selected berries, rather than berries that the cats have selected on their own. There is also speculation that cats that choose their own berries, produce a higher quality partially digested and fermented bean than the beans produced by cats that are held in captivity.

Asian Palm Civet:  Photo by Praveenp
Asian Palm Civet: Photo by Praveenp

Civet Poop Coffee Video from Animal Planet

A civet eating coffee cherries. Photograph: Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images
A civet eating coffee cherries. Photograph: Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images | Source
Roasted coffee beans made from collecting the poop from the civet cat and picking out the beans. Called 'Kopi Luwak,' the beans can cost up to $400 a pound. Read more:
Roasted coffee beans made from collecting the poop from the civet cat and picking out the beans. Called 'Kopi Luwak,' the beans can cost up to $400 a pound. Read more: | Source

Kopi Luwak: The Legend and The Reality

Kopi Luwak: The Urban Legend and The Reality, Are They the Same?

"'The secret of this delicious blend,'" enthuses the Indonesia Tourism Promotion Board, "lies in the bean selection, which is performed by a luwak, a species of civet cat endemic to Java. The luwak will eat only the choicest, most perfectly matured beans which it then excretes, partially digested, a few hours later. Plantation workers then retrieve the beans from the ground, ready for immediate roasting.'"Source:

Such a cute little cat he is too. It's a shame that people would want to cage them and force feed them coffee berries that they have not had the opportunity to choose for themselves. Because Civet Cats are nocturnal and solitary, not much research has been done on their reproductive habits. Also, the fact that they have anal scent gland from which they emit are very sickening stench when they are put in a position of being frightened or irritated, also aids in making studying them difficult.

Additionally, due to the high cost and demand for this coffee, fraud is rampant and some estimates say that only 50% at best of this Civet poop coffee on the market is genuine. But, have no dispair, because as with most things, science has a solution.

Scientists have found what they call a "metabolic fingerprint" that allows them to verify "real Kopi Luwak" (Indonesian for "civet coffee") using metabolomics technology," Source:

There are those who say that this study is not complete enough to be robust and that more extensive study is required to genuinely establish the difference between genuine Civet poop coffee and a fake.

Whether you decide to take the risk and try this fabulous drink is entirely up to you, but be mindful to make your purchases from sources that are considered reliable. Most certainy, I would not recommend buying Civet poop coffee directly from an Indonesian distributor or and Indonesian website.

If You Don't Like Civet Poop Coffee, Perhaps You'd Enjoy Some Panda Poo Tea or Some Elephant Dung Coffee

Civet Poop Coffee
$30.00-$100.00 per cup
Panda Poo Tea
$200.00 per cup
Elephant Dung Coffee
$50.00 per cup


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