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Hand Gardening Tools For Women

Updated on July 9, 2013

 Looking for a gift for the gardener in your life?  Check out some of these hand gardening tools.  a lot of them come in sets that are convenient and handy.  Some sets are versatile, they can be put around a bucket or change into a seat.  Other sets are found in molded cases.  Check out some of the neat hand garden tool sets.  They make a great gift for out door gardening or container gardening.

 The Picnic Time 5 piece garden set with Tote and folding Seat contains one trowel, one weeder, one hand held rake and one garden fork.  The tools are kept in canvas sleeves in a tote.  The Tote opens up to form a seat in case your need to take a break or are tired of kneeling! It comes in a hunter green and tan.  The 5 piece garden set received four and half stars out of five.  Customers love the tote part of this garden set.  The extra storage comes in handy!

Trademark Tools 75-1207 7-in-1 Plant Care Garden Tool Set, Indoor and Outdoor

 The Trademark Tools set has seven tools in a canvas bag. The tools included are twig pruners, leaf and flower trimmer, trowels and a water bottle.  It is everything you need for your indoor or outdoor plants.  Customers really like this set.  One customer stated the mini tools were very convenient to work with her African violets.

 The five piece pink garden tool bag set contains trowel, cultivator, pruner and pruning shears.  Yes this bag is pink!  That means a portion of the money spent on this will go towards the National breast cancer Foundation. Customers state this is a great gift for the wife or girlfriend that likes to work outdoors! Other comments include that this is is a great price and good quality.

 The Apollo seven piece garden set is unique because it comes in an Apron.  The Apron has pockets to hold each of the seven tools.  They are two trowels, a rake, pruners and a pair of gloves.  The apron is so handy because it protects your clothing! Knee pads area also included in this set!  This Garden Toll Gift set was given four and a half stars out of five from 12 customer reviews. Customers state that after they bought it as a gift for someone, they bought it as a gift to themselves! Customers say the tools are well made and tough!

 The Fiskars Garden Bucket Caddy contains pockets for several tools.  Please be aware that the bucket and the tools do not come with this garden hand tool set.  There n are many pockets including pockets for your cell phone.  This a popular garden set got four stars out of five from 55 customer reviews.

The Apollo 18 piece garden set comes in pink. It has a variety of tools necessary for gardening including a kneeling pad, trowel,rake, pruners and even two hose nozzles. There is also a bulb planter, hose extensions and edging knife. They come in a handy case that has a place for everything! This is very easy to tote around for outside gardening or container gardening. The Apollo 18 piece garden set received five out of five stars from five customer reviews. Customers were impressed with the quality of the tools and commented how sturdy and comfortable they were.

The Rumford Gardener AMW5000 16-Piece Tool Set with Molded Case

The Rumford 16 piece garden tool set comes with a molded case so that everything has its place! Tools re easy to put away or locate!  Sixteen tools include a kneeing pad, a hose nozzle and some hose fittings.  Also included are trowels, grass shears and a trans-planter.  This is good garden  tool gift set to have if you are not so crazy about pink!  Three customer reviews gave this garden tool set four and a half stars out of five. Customers state this is a grt alternative to buying tools separately.  Another customer loves how it is convenient for small gardens.

The Rumford Gardener Mini Indoor Garden Set with Molded Case HPC3010

 The Rumford Mini Indoor Garden set has five tools.   Two trowels and a rake have nice wooden handles.  Two pruners are also included in this set. The hand held garden tools are kept neatly in a molded carrying case. This garden tool set received four out of five stars.  Customers stated they gave it as a gift and it was well received.One mother gave this as a gift to her daughter at college along with a house plant.

The Rumford Gardener OXF3000 Oxford 5-Piece Garden Tool Set

 The Rumsfeld five piece set is for someone who likes to keep it simple!  The five pieces include a  trowel, a fork, a dibber and a rake.  The tools are made of tempered steel and wooden handles. The handles have leather straps for easy storage. Customers state these are good sturdy tools.


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