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Hand Written Product Description of Cleaning Solution on Spray Bottle- Is this OK?

Updated on October 17, 2010

Hand Written Description of the Product on Spray Bottle- Is this ok?

Hand Written Description of the Product on Spray Bottle for Cleaning Solution- Is this ok?

The answer is no !!!

The OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) requires that all containers containing any cleaning solutions must have a proper label with following information:

Description of the product

How to use directions

What to do in case of emergency

A label has to be properly prepared by the manufacturer of the product.

You can ask for proper labels of the cleaning solutions that you purchased from your  distributors or manufacturer of the product.  It comes with sticking glue on the back of the label, so that you can just peel it off and stick on to the spray bottle or gallon jar.

A handwritten description of the product is not acceptable to OSHA.

You can check with the OSHA website for more information on these rules and regulations. OSHA also has much training materials that you can purchase for training your people on many safety issues at your facility.

A violation of this could result in a big find to your facility.

Visit OSHA to see more standard safety checks.

Click to see a sample approved label.

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