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Handy tips on selling your home

Updated on February 1, 2016

In the run up to the end of the financial year, it’s never been a better time to get your house on the market to sell it. However it is not uncommon for many properties to be on sale for months on end and this could be simply rectified by just making some adjustments to the property before people come and view it.

The most common mistakes property sellers make

1) Clutter around the house- This is a major no-no whenever you’re selling a property. When people are coming to do a house viewing the last thing that they want to see is a property in disarray. This screams out that the house hasn’t been left in a state of good repair since if the owners disrespect the place that much to leave it in a huge mess, how confident can you be that the property has been treated properly at all?

2) Decorate- This is more related to people that have lived in their house for years and have opted to go down the route of more unusual tastes, or the fads and trends of the time. For example if you have been in your house since the 70s and 80s then there is a chance you may still have one of the notorious avocado bathroom suites that were all the rage at the time. Whilst this isn’t a problem if you enjoy staying in your property, think of the position that it’s putting a potential buyer in. Bathroom suites can be fairly expensive and it’s highly likely that they are not going to want to have one that harks back to a trend from 30-40 years ago.

The same is true for the wallpaper in your house, or how the walls are painted. If you have children that have particular tastes and have on a whim decided that they wanted their bedroom painted black, it is strongly recommended that you paint this before your home goes on the market. It may be a small outlay in terms of paints, but it can seriously help to sell it. Neutral colours, whilst they may seem boring to some, allow the next owner to come in and start with a blank canvas and it allows them to plan how they’re going to live there.

3) Bad odours- This might not seem like a massive deal breaker when it comes to selling a property but it really can be one. If the place you are selling has foul smelling odours then it’s going to stop people from buying it. It may be the case that you’re a smoker and it has, over time left a lingering smell in the rooms. Thankfully this can normally be rectified by stopping smoking indoors and buying specialist smell removal products such as Febreeze.

However in situations whereby a pet has soiled the carpets then it will be more than likely that it is necessary to remove it and lay a new carpet down. This will come at a cost, but it is a worthwhile investment. You may also be able to hire carpet cleaning machines for a fraction of the cost, but these will not be suitable all the time. If you feel that it might be salvageable, then a machine such as this can really save you money as well as helping you sell your home.

Hiring an estate agent

Whilst it is more than possible to sell the property yourself without an estate agent this can prove to be tricky and frustrating. By having an estate agent, they are able to filter out the time wasters that would otherwise build up your expectations and then leave you floundering when all they’ve wanted to do is be nosey and have a look around your home.

Further, the benefit of having an estate agent on board is that they are able to come in and take professional looking photos. Whilst you might be good at taking photos, estate agents have access to high quality cameras that will really make your property look amazing and thus bring more people in for viewings.

An estate agent is also able to market your home a lot easier than you might be able to do so. This is due to the fact that they will have access to a massive social network following and thus they will be able to share your property on sites such as Twitter, Facebook etc to gain more interest in it. They will also be able to share your property on not only their own website but sites that contain all the properties in the area. For you to do this on your own can be a rather costly investment but since they have an agreement with sites like this, it is done at a fraction of the cost.

Selling your house to the agent

A new trend that is currently sweeping the property world is that of estate agents buying your house off you for cash. This can prove to be a lucrative step for those that are wanting to sell their property in the shortest period of time as possible and aren’t overly worried about making a massive profit on the sale. In general this can be a great way for those that want to downsize their home and have enough money that the profit margin doesn’t need to be hefty for them to be happy with the sale. If you're looking to do this then will surely be able to assist you.

However, for those that are looking to get as big a profit as possible from the house it is more likely that a better offer (such as a property going on the market at offers over X amount) will generate more profit since you are more likely to get a larger number people making offers on the property. The end result of this is that you could get selling price far greater than what the property has been valued at.


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