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Sprinkler System Overspray & its Hard to Remove Window Residue

Updated on December 28, 2017

We Don't Do Windows...

Window cleaning is a daunting task that some housecleaning services decline to do with out additional fees. While getting a streak free shine is a chore, doesn't mean it has to be an excruciating chore. learn how to give your windows a polished view on both inside and out, making them seemingly invisible.


What Makes Water Hard & Hard Water Spots

Almost a quarter of water we call fresh travels underground which is rich in minerals deposits. As a natural solvent, water in its travels, inadvertently picks up soluble particles of these deposits altering the water hardness. Most notable of the mineral deposits, calcium and magnesium can be held responsible for the hard water spots of white chalky residue. When water drops from the sprinklers land on your cars & windows, the water from the drops evaporate leaving mineral deposits behind. These mineral deposits become nearly impossible to remove from surface areas such as out side windows, kitchen sinks and bathroom fixtures. Deposits built up over time in your plumbing can actually cost you money for increased electricity use.

Remove and Replace
Remove and Replace | Source

Not only Problematic to things like Windows & Plumbing

Residue produced through the mineral deposits or hard water can linger in places like your hair or coat your skin causing dryness, irritation and itching. One solution for this would be the use of a water softener. There are different types of water softeners that vary on methods to achieve softer water. A common type of water softener works to replace the extra calcium & magnesium deposits found in hard water with sodium, neutralizing the waters hardness. Although; according to some water quality professionals , water through this method is not really suitable for drinking. That being said; water softeners and treatments are widely available in many variations. Seek the advise of a water treatment professional in your area for more information.

Continue Reading To Learn How Easy It Can Be To Remove The Residue From Windows

Hard water spots from sprinkler over spray can be stubborn over time. If you find them near impossible to clean use a sure fire method I call Scrubbing Bubbles.

Do you do windows...

Which method do you find works best when it comes to streak free window cleaning?

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How I Know This..

Before you continue on with the goods I would like to share how I know this works. I have read a few other methods and must say I am intrigued, although I can not attest to the other methods. As much I am not saying this is the best or easiest or any other thing except this works. After a good 40 minutes of toiling around with all my might, to get the gosh for saken hard water spots off an apartment window the sprinklers had became quite accustomed to spraying - for geez who knows how long - I had a Thought. I thought well self lets say we work smarter not harder and round up some mussel. the mussel SCRUBBING BUBBLES! Easy peasy pumpkin pie kiss them hard water spots goodbye.

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Mr BubblesRazor scrapperShop Towels
Mr Bubbles
Mr Bubbles | Source
Razor scrapper
Razor scrapper | Source
Shop Towels
Shop Towels | Source

Things You Will Need

  • Single Razor Scrapper Tool
  • Unsoiled Shop Towel(s) the more the merrier
  • Water - bucket- spray bottle- hose just Water
  • Scrubbing Bubbles Cleaner
  • Sundays Paper- newspaper whatever day
  • Step Stool- optional

Process Of Events

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YuckGetting ThereAll Done
Yuck | Source
Getting There
Getting There | Source
All Done
All Done | Source


  1. Begin by getting any surface dirt and debris off with water and shop towels
  2. Squirt, Splash or Spray the window with water and use fresh shop towel to wipe off and repeat
  3. Now take your SCRUBBING BUBBLES to coat the entire window
  4. Step Back and Breath While it sits briefly
  5. Carefully use your razor scrapper holding it at an angle to make vertical scrapes over the top portion of the window then again over the remaining portion
  6. After you are satisfied with the results douse with regular water again and use crumpled up pages of newspaper to dry
  7. The news paper shouldn't get to damp for streak free shine so don't be scared to throughout any pieces that have worn out the fresh dry crumple we want and grab another

Please be careful and avoid eye contact or inhalation of the scrubbing bubbles as it is harmful to do either please reference the product for more information on safe handling

What Do You Think?

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© 2013 sprickita


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    • sprickita profile image

      sprickita 4 years ago from Reno

      I use the same method on my bathroom mirrors as well 8-) and all in all think water is better than Windex if the glass or mirror inst soiled anyway but let me tell you these buggers just were not cooperating so I got crazy and whipped out Mr scrub bub 8-) (as maintenance i couldn't go home till them mineral deposits did lol) but Ty for posting u rock and I always love ur hubs 8-)

    • kidscrafts profile image

      kidscrafts 4 years ago from Ottawa, Canada

      I try to avoid chemical products as much as possible. I use towels to dry and have a nice finish on my windows. I fact, I learned that when I was in a store to replace a frame that had been damaged with water. They cleaned the glass and they dried it with a towel until there are no streaks. I use the same technique on my mirrors :-)

      Thank you for sharing your method! It's always useful to find new ways to tackle that kind of task!