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National Hardware Show Promotes Technology, Maintenance & Energy Efficiency

Updated on July 4, 2013

Products For Home Maintenance


The 2011 National Hardware Show featured more than 100,000 products exhibited by approximately 2,300 vendors, displaying products related to outdoor living, tailgating, plumbing, storage, new home construction, and house wares. The Hardware Show was also filled with products designed for home maintenance. One popular maintenance product were attic fans that remove the trapped heat and dampness in the attic, improve the comfort of a home’s living space, and prolong the life of roofing materials. Additionally, attics properly ventilated with fans can dramatically reduce air-conditioner usage, resulting in lower power bills.

What Affect Does the Summer Months Have?

During the summer months, temperatures in attic spaces can get over 150o F. The heat from the attic seeps into the living spaces below, forcing the air conditioner to provide that much more cooling. Using a solar fan is doubly-efficient as it provides cooling, but does it with power generated by the sun. Solar fans can be something that the Texas new home builders could implement into their new homes.

The Solar Controller from U.S. Sunlight was named one of the “Best of Show” products for its innovations that enable a solar fan to run after dark. The SolarController can connect a compatible solar attic fan to a wall plug so that the fan can run with minimal electricity usage after dark or when solar power is not available, at an annual electrical cost of less than $5. The Controller is pre-programmed to monitor air temperature and humidity and to adjust the fan’s settings as conditions necessitate.

National Hardware Show 2009

Hardware Shows Raise the Bar and Set Future Industry Standards

The National Hardware Show was established in 1945 to serve the home improvement marketplace during the post-World War II housing boom. The convention moved to Chicago in the 1970s and is now based in Las Vegas. The Show attracts a wide range of participants such as global manufacturers, associations, organizations, and members of the press.

The 2011 Show featured seminars, including one hosted by actor and environmentalist Ed Begley Jr. who presented on behalf of an environmentally-friendly composting toilet system. Dan Tratensek, vice president of publishing for the National Retail Hardware Association, gave the state of the industry keynote address, asserting that despite the housing industry sluggishness, home maintenance and DIY repair would carry the hardware industry through until the building sector picked back up again.

Loveable Loo Eco-Friendly Compost Toilet


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