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Hardwood Floor Care

Updated on June 18, 2012
Wood in foyer leading into carpeted areas.
Wood in foyer leading into carpeted areas. | Source

Hardwood in any area of your house gives it added value, but maintaining hardwood could present a problem with some home owners. It is not difficult to clean them, it is just a different method of cleaning.

Besides it's natural beauty, wood has a way of making things seem relaxing and interesting. If it is done well and placed in the most appealing decor and kept looking pristine, wood is unbeatable in it's lasting beauty.

The room can be as simple as a hut or as ostentatious as a multi million dollar mansion, hotel or castle, but wherever wood is placed it adds such warmth and attractiveness that no other flooring material can match, it definitely holds appeal.

Things to consider:

  1. finish
  2. type of wood
  3. scratches and other damages
  4. location


  1. wax
  2. sealant
  3. treatment
  4. stripped & natural

How often to clean, this always depends on who is cleaning the house, how it was cleaned and if it needs to be cleaned.

  1. weekly
  2. bi monthly
  3. monthly
  4. every six weeks

What to use to clean:

  1. natural cleaners like vinegar, lemon & baking soda
  2. synthetic cleaners usually chemicals of some kind

Supplies needed:

  1. soft bristle broom
  2. dust mop
  3. dust rags
  4. bucket
  5. wet mop, when using it should only be damp

Maintenance is paramount when cleaning. Doing a thorough job at least once a month also helps with the up keep of any good material in your household.

Depending on what your wood flooring is made of you may be able to use water, but it is not the recommended way because of mold and mildew that can form usually hidden from the natural eye.

Varieties of wood flooring:

  • man made,
  • manufactured, things pressed together to form wood, laminate
  • natural, real wood from trees

Best wood flooring to buy, all depends on what you are looking for, how you will use it, where it will be in a house, office, restaurant, and what you can afford. A lot of times it is also necessary to think about where you will be purchasing the wood from and how it will be installed.


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