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Zippy Results?

Updated on April 27, 2011

Has anyone used Zippy Results?

We are working on a deal with Zippy Results. We get the funding for our business for $70k. We are working to do a million dollar deal now with them. We want to know more before moving on if we can find it out. They have been great so far. They get back within the week. They were slow on getting our funding. They got it for us. We like to know they are very trust worthy.

They will not give us a list of all their customers to call and ask for how they did it. The company has been helpful. We do need to do more deals this year. We need to know if this is a good fit for us. They have programs that have helped and we think other may help too.

We find other who did deals with them. There is little bad about them and lots of good we find. They were slow to deliver we want them go fast in first week. People are happy with them. They are slow to deliver at times. Some people got refunds and did not wait. People have got funding too. Most people not talk to us and tell us secrets. We need to partner and no one has been able to.

We were referred to them. He had ZippyResults help him buy an apartment building. We can not contact him anymore. We owe him lots of money. If you can help us we would like to partner with you. We have owner who sell to us for a good deal.

They have given us a lot of help. We can not find a lender that helps us. They say we must go with private money that has higher rate. We would like to use other lenders for lower rate. We not find a lender to do it here.


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