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Having A Closet That Works For You No Matter What's Your Budget

Updated on August 27, 2011
Very popular in the nineties, if you can find where to buy them. Yaffa Blocks are great for folded sweater, and tees as well as accessories.
Very popular in the nineties, if you can find where to buy them. Yaffa Blocks are great for folded sweater, and tees as well as accessories.
Even the back of your door can be a great place for hanging belts, and purses. You can get this one at The Container Store.
Even the back of your door can be a great place for hanging belts, and purses. You can get this one at The Container Store.
A Your Zone On A Roll Storage Cart is a great place for storing socks and handkerchiefs. you can purchase this at Walmart.
A Your Zone On A Roll Storage Cart is a great place for storing socks and handkerchiefs. you can purchase this at Walmart.

Closet organization can at times be a daunting task, and possibly, an expensive one as well. There are some wonderful closet organization systems out there, and even though they're state of the art, and look amazing, they may not fit with your budget. Given all the many considerations, what is one to do, to have the closet environment that fits one’s needs, and at the right price.

Preparing Your Project

First things First, one must take an inventory of what is in your ward drove, and try to figure out what type of organization aids would most fit your needs. For example, you may be a collector of shoes; therefore it would be advisable that you find an organization system that can encompass all of your shoes. Or your personal obsession may be just clothing, or accessories. This means that when planning your closet environment, your buying preferences have to be taken into account.

The other thing you must consider is your budget. How much money can you spend on this project? There are the more expensive systems, that accommodate most everyone’s needs, but not everyone’s budget. For the rest of us who want a pristine closet, at an affordable price there is a way. I know, because I have achieved a very organized and functional closet, while being on a budget. I want to show you how you can also achieve this as well.

Closet Systems, Pros and Cons

Let us start with a listing of the systems that are out there. There is the famous Elfa Closet Systems, which if you are willing to invest a significant amount on your closet, you can achieve the effect you are looking for rather easily. Elfa Closet Systems range from around three hundred for a child’s closet system, to about three thousand dollars for Elfa’s top of the line, Walnut and Platinum Elfa Décor Master Walk In Closet. If you happen to have this type of budget, congratulation, you are sure to have a breath taking closet without a lot of shopping around. There are other closet systems available, that might not be as expensive, yet are very complete in meeting the demands of the discriminating closet enthusiast. These systems are Ilkea Closet Systems which are a do it yourself, and are durable as well as inexpensive. You have to buy everything piece by piece and at varying prices. Than there Rubbermaid closet products, that can also be bought by piece by piece at varying prices. Another very good and economical closet system the Super Slide Closet Organizer Kits.

A Cheaper and More Creative Alternative

On the other hand, if you are like me, and already have a shelving and hanging system already installed in your closet, but still need other organization aides, and are on a rather limited budget, you have to shop around. The internet is an excellent source for purchasing all your closet organization aids.

First things first, when beginning your closet organization project, you may want to start by organizing your work. You must get rid of clutter. You must eliminate the stuff you don’t need. According to organization expert, Sheree Bykofsky, author of 500 Terrific Ideas For Organizing Everything, you should begin with three piles. You do this by separating everything in your closet into these three piles: the yes’s, the maybes, and the no’s. When separating your three piles of no's donate the wearable no’s to charity, or take them to a consignment shop, then recycle or discard the rest.

Next you make three piles of maybes. You try the different maybes on to see which one works and which ones don’t, and try to figure out why you can’t part with the piece, by keeping it for a month. If you haven’t worn it in that month, its time to include it with the rest of the stuff you are giving away.

Then you proceed with the pile of Yes’s. This is where you start to think about your storage system. It is time to measure your closet space, to know if you have many long hanging items such as coat and dresses, or shorter ones such as shirts. You also have to see how many accessories you want to keep, this way you can determine, which shelving system may best meet your needs.

Shoes Oh, How We Love Our Shoes!

Then comes most women’s obsession, shoes, which mean you have to determine the number of pairs you want to keep, and what system will best meet your needs. Let us begin with some storage ideas for those of us on a budget. I for one, love the cubby system. By this I mean the boxy shoe organizer with the slots. They are usually white and have space for fifteen to twenty five pairs of shoes, the prices for these range from around thirty dollars for a fifteen pair organizer, to forty for a twenty five pair organizer. I like these because they not only organize my shoes, but keep them from getting in my way. Of course, there are different approaches to shoe organization. You might want to consider an under the bed shoe organizer for shoes you never use, but can't part with yet. If you have an empty wall in your closet, you may want to get the Shoe Rack or Closet Organizer that hold up to fifty pairs of shoes.

Now Let Focus on Everything Else We Put On Our Bodies, Such as Tops, Bottoms & Accessories

The next items on our list to attack are sweaters, pullovers and accessories, in other words those that we fold and not hang. I personally am a big fan of Yaffa Blocks, a place for all my foldable items at realistic prices. I got my first set of four Yaffa Block back in the nineties, for an affordable price. I remember it being less than twenty dollars. I have looked online and this may be a discontinued product, however, it may just be temporarily discontinued. If you can get Yaffa Blocks for your folded sweaters, I highly recommend them because your sweaters fit very nicely. You can also store accessories, folded shorts and tees in Yaffas. Now, there are other ways to store your folded items economically. I also have in my closet, what is known as the large stacking baskets. You can store socks, accessories, pullovers, tees, scarves, wallets and even purses in these. Since they are stackable, they fit in most closets, wherever you have some free wall space, or under short hanging items, such as dress shirts.

You can store accessories two ways. One way is as I suggested above, using a storage system such as Yaffa Blocks, or large stacking baskets. Another way to approach this, would be to use a hanging system. My closet has a large wooden door, therefore, I use a back of the door hanging system that I was fortunate enough to find at the dollar store. I hang belts, purses, and hats on this back of the door hanging system. You can get a back of the door system at most anywhere.

I’m also a big fan of Your Zone On a Roll Storage Cart that you can get at Walmart for only twenty dollars. These wonderful units have wheels, so they can be conveniently placed anywhere in your closet, plus they have three large colorful drawers for storing socks, handkerchiefs, scarves and just about any of your foldables.

Let Take Advantage of All The Space We're Given

Another way of having more space is to advantage of the space under the closet shelf. I love what is known as under the shelf hanging baskets. You can hang these as just one basket, or you can attach one basket to another, creating a shelving unit. These are wonderful for foldables, and knickknacks that you want to keep handy in your closet. These baskets are an investment; you will thank me for this advice.

I also believe in being practical by trying to keep things in reach. So instead of keeping my hamper in the bathroom, I have my own personal hamper, made of wicker in my closet. It really helps me stay organized.

Just Hanging Around

Last but not least, let’s think about the hangers we will be using. This detail makes all the difference in the world. For tank tops, I highly recommend you use what is known as the mighty hangers. For your buttoned shirts, and coats, I recommend you get either the plastic jumbo hangers, or the wooden hangers. Your choice depends on your needs and budget. I advice that the hangers all be the same color, believe me, this small detail makes a difference in the over all effect of your closet. Choose a color that will coordinate well with your bedroom. For hanging pants, skirts and short I recommend you get the Chrome Add-On Skirt, Slack Hanger by Organize it All, you can purchase a set of three for only five dollars. It is essential, that you get the right type of hanger for each piece of clothing, because it will extend the life of your wardrobe. The color of these pant hangers is a neutral one, so they match well with any color hangers you choose.

Don't Forget, Your Closet is As Unique As You Are

Now that I shared all my trade secrets, you now are ready to embark on your closet organizing project. Take your time planning you closet, and buying your supplies. The more time and planning you invest in this endeavor, the better the results are sure to be. Closets are just as individual as you are. So try to be creative, personalize your work, this is not some cookie cutter type of project, make sure your closet reflects you, all the way. Organization and creativity make for a great closet. So like any masterpiece, you should enjoy the journey, as much as you’ll enjoy the results.

Online Help

If you are looking for some online advice for achieving your dream closet, I highly recommend the following web sites. For advice on the actual closet overhaul. I recommend the Home and Garden Television site. Here is the link for your convenience:

Another site I recommend is Edmoton Custom Closet, which have some handy tips right on their home page. Here is the link:

Anther fantastic site, I discovered, on my quest for the perfect closet, is Online they provide an expert advice tip sheet for your project needs. Here is the link:


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    • lucille12 profile image


      3 years ago

      Each organizer listed will help your handle your entire footwear collection, however big or small.

    • Internetwriter62 profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Thank you prairieprincess, A neat closet has always been a passion of mine, helps me find everything I need to wear quickly when I get up in the morning.

    • prairieprincess profile image

      Sharilee Swaity 

      7 years ago from Canada

      Thank you ... this has good details in it ... very practical!

    • Internetwriter62 profile imageAUTHOR


      8 years ago from Marco Island, Florida

      Thanks Karina, I have kept my closet neat and manageable for years by employing these very methods, I hope they work for you.

    • Karina S. profile image

      Karina S. 

      8 years ago from USA

      Nice hub, great tips and step by step instructions. Thanks for sharing.


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