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Health Benefits Of Buckwheat Pillows

Updated on August 27, 2011

Oriental buckwheat pillows are getting popular as more and more westerners realize the health benefits of these pillows. These pillows originated from Far East Asian countries and natives have been resting on them every night for centuries. Japanese and Korean hostels offer guests with these eco friendly pillows. The number of swanky hotels offering the same are rising as more guests demand for healthy and eco friendly options.

What are buckwheat pillows and why are they the latest must-haves? Buckwheat pillows are cases stuffed with buckwheat hulls. These hulls are the protective layers of kernels. Unknown to most, buckwheat is a fruit that belongs to the rhubarb family. Buckwheat pillows are all natural and environmental friendly. There is a vast source for the materials and are renewable. As the process does not involve usage of fertilizers and other chemicals, buckwheat makes the healthiest material for pillows.

Here are some healthy benefits of buckwheat pillows:

· Relief from sleeping disorders

These pillows are sturdier and firmer thus the ability to conform to the body’s contour well. This kind of pillow is perfect for everyone as it optimizes sleep. You are guaranteed of a good night sleep with buckwheat pillows.

· Ease body tension and muscle pain

It takes quite some time to get used to its sturdiness and noise. But resting with these pillows each night will ease tension off your stressful mind and body. Say goodbye to muscle pains as buckwheat pillows provides excellent support on your neck, head and back.

· Minimize snoring

Buckwheat naturally circulates air and is proven to ease snoring and heavy breathing at night. These pillows are best during hot, humid weather as it provides cool and even temperature to your head and body.

· Hypoallergenic

Buckwheat does not have enough nutrients to attract dust mites and are naturally resistant. There are some reports of users having allergic reactions from this kind of pillow. The trick is to shop for pillows which hulls were roasted to eliminate dust from growing fields. Also make sure the hulls were vacuumed after roasting and before stuffing into cases. People allergic to buckwheat flour may be allergic to pillows stuffed with unroasted and non-vacuumed hulls.

· Organic

Buckwheat hulls are organic thus safe for human use and safe for the environment as well. Pillows made of this material is easily refilled and adjusted according to your preferred height and firmness. Washing is also made easy as you can easily remove the case for laundry.

What do you like or hate about buckwheat pillows?

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