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Heated Blankets - Electric Heated Throw Blankets

Updated on August 17, 2014

Heated throws are individual sized blankets designed to wrap around a person whilst they relax watching television, read a book or otherwise sit back and relax.

They are an ideal alternative to expensive room heaters, and more comfortable than wearing a heavy coat or bulky clothing to try to keep warm during those long, cold winter months.

Heatable throws are better too than keeping a thick blanket on hand as they provide warmth faster and maintain a constant temperature keeping you warm no matter how cold your house gets.

Heated throw blanks are ideal for catching a quick nap on the couch or in your favorite armchair. Just plug in, set the adjustable temperature dial to wherever you are most comfortable and snuggle up for a relaxing warm nap. Electric heating throw blankets are versatile, you can use them anywhere so long as you are close to an electric power socket so use it all over the house wherever you need it.

These electric throw blankets provide instant heat as soon as you need it, so no need to wait for a room to start heating up when you turn up the heater or for a normal blanket or extra clothing to trap in your body heat and warm you up. No, this instant heat provided to the whole of your body as and when you need it.

They come in a variety of styles, materials and sizes with various color and pattern choices to suit your own personal tastes and to fit in with your own home decor. Some recommended and top rated electric heated throw blankets are highlighted below:

Heatable Throw Covers Compared With Heated Blankets

Please do note there is a difference between heated throws and heatable blankets. The former, are meant for individual use and are great for snuggling up and getting cozy when you are cold indoors. Heatable throws are typically unlikely to be big enough to warm up two people, at least not without bits sticking out which defeats the purpose, they are really meant just to wrap yourself up in whilst you're snuggling down to watch TV etc.

On the other hand, heatable blankets are aimed more at being made a permanent winter fixture in a bedroom as part of the bed sheets and blankets. Heated blankets are used mainly to warm up your bed and are not meant to be the same kind of portable solution as a heated throw blanket. If you were looking for heatable bed blankets then check out the linked page instead for more recommendations and a buying guide.

For more winter warming advice see also:

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