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Heated Tile Floors

Updated on February 23, 2011
Heated Tile Floors
Heated Tile Floors

Do You Want Heated Tile Floors?

Get heated tile floors and do away with cold feet in the winter. If you have tile floors you have probably noticed how cold they can be on your feet as well as your children's feet. Tile tends to hold the cold elements more than other flooring. There's nothing worse in the cold winter mornings than getting out of bed and meeting that cold floor on your feet.

Can I Put In Heated Tile Floors Myself?

Putting in heated tile floors does not require you to have a special skill set. You can put in heated tile floors yourself. You can use electric radiant heating flooring. Generally to heat your tile floors you would place an electric mat down under your tile and place your tile over the top of the electric mat.

Depending on the type of electric radiant heating flooring mat you choose you may have to put a thin layer of mortar or pour concrete over the top of the heating mat. But do not worry if you do not have the skill set to do this.

You can also get radiant heating flooring mats that you just lie in place and put your tile flooring over the top. There are no special tools or skills required of these mats.

Nuheat For Heated Tile Floors

Nuheat under floor heating mat is perfect for heated tile floors. This electric radiant heating flooring installs just like tile. No special tools or installation techniques.

The mat measures 60" x 24", 120 watts and will heat 10 sq ft. When used with tile it comes with a 25 year warranty. Right now it is on sale.

ThermoSoft Electric Radiant Heating System For Heated Tile Floors

This electric radiant heating mat is great for heated tile floors. Installation on this radiant heating flooring mat is a touch more complicated but if you can lay a thin spread of mortar down then you can do this. Simply place the mat into place and put a thin layer of mortar over it.

This mat will warm 15 sq ft (120" x 15") and is a solid state system with no moving parts to wear out. Comes with a lifetime warranty with live support.

ThermoFloor Radiant Floor Heating System For Heated Tile Floors

This heated tile floor system is probably the easiest on to install. ThermoFloor is actually a 2 in 1 system. It is electric radiant heating flooring within an underlayment for your tile floor.

The mat is 3' x 10' running on 120 v. Maintenance free and comes with a 10 year warranty.


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