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Heated towel rail

Updated on July 16, 2011

There are few things better than a hot bath or shower to soothe your cares away at the end of the day. But, try stepping out of that refreshing warmth and into the embrace of a cold towel and see how quickly the spell is broken. Have you ever tried a heated towel? Have you ever heard of towel radiators or of a traditional towel rail?

Short of installing a space-eating full-sized radiator in your bathroom, the best and way to make sure you have a warm, dry towel to wrap around you after a hot bath or shower is to have a heated tower rail. A heated towel rails is typically wall-mounted, although there are some free-standing models that can be moved from room to room as needed, and works by heating either water or air through an internal element. 

But the heated tower rail does more than ensure you have a heated towel to fold around yourself after that nice bath or shower. The heated tower rail also helps keep your bathroom warm and dry, therefore preventing mold and mildew, including those that cause the musty smell you get from hanging towels on a conventional unheated rail. Not to mention helps keep bathroom clutter to a minimum.

There are three types of heated towel rails: the towel radiator, which, like a room radiator, feeds off your central heating system; the electric towel rail, which is ideally installed as a fixture, although plug-in models are available; and dual-fuel models. Many heated towel rails have thermostats for controlling temperature. Other models also have timers, which can come in handy if there are others waiting to use the bath, so you don’t have to switch the towel radiator on and off each time.

Depending on the size of your bathroom and the number of persons who will be using it, you can find heated towel rails in various sizes, from rails small enough to mount behind bathroom doors, to floor-to-ceiling ladder towel rails. And most free-standing models often come with wheels or without them.

Heated towel rails also come in so many different styles and colors – square barred, round barred, curved, round, chrome, even Victorian or Edwardian – that choosing the right model can actually turn your bathroom into a showcase of style. And if you have a problem with mix and match, most manufacturers now carry heated towel rails in their collections of bathroom fixtures and accessories. There are even manufacturers that will offer to customize the size, finish and design of their heated tower rails to suit your needs.

But the really good news for homeowners is that heated tower rails, once exclusive to luxury hotels and the homes of the rich and famous, are now actually priced within their reach and, with the rapid advances in technology can be expected to be even more affordable in the near future. Talk of luxury on a budget!

So, whether you are planning a total bathroom redesign or are simply looking to make your bath time more enjoyable, there could be no wiser choice than to go get a heated tower rail.


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