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Heated Tile Floor

Updated on December 27, 2010

The modern age likes to take credit for many things and the heated tile floor is one of them that were originally used in ancient Rome. Although their technology was a little different at the time, the used a dual floor system in which the top layer was raised a few inches above the other. This allowed them to pipe in heated air from a fire furnace to keep palatial estates warm in the winter. As you know they were very big into organic polished stone at the time, and it was quite chilly walking around on marble in the frozen periods of the year. The Chinese, specifically the Mongols invented a similar system fifty five hundred years ago, but was based on steam output, and was never very effective.

Heated Tile Floors

Jump to the current date and heated tile floors are starting to show up every where as the cost factor has dropped immensely, and technology has matured to the point that it is a stable product that can be used safely in a home or commercial business scenario. You will not have to worry about cost either as this configuration for heat as it converts every bit of electrical current it uses directly into heat. In a normal centralized or forced-air heating appliance, the electricity is use for support equipment more so than actually generating the warmth that you are trying to extract from its process.

Radiant Floor Heating

Like many products on the home improvement market, a person can purchase many different models for radiant floor heating. Some involve bare copper wiring laid out in a matrix on the sub flooring, and then there are the plumbed versions that use heated water in tiny high-pressure hoses to carry hot water throughout the home. The best, most economical and lowest maintenance version is the electrical mat styles that are like big electric blankets that are laid out on the sub-flooring. They do require professional installation, as a licensed electrician, and a good factory trained and or certified installer should be used to completion of the project.

Heated Tile Floor Photos

Heated Floors

The use of heated floors with other flooring materials is acceptable, but if you look at it from a perspective, of maximized heating, and even dissipation of that heat then the blanket system with the used of flooring tiles like marble, granite, or even Travertine will be a much wiser choice in the long term. Unlike, hardwood or carpeted flooring, stone tiles will hold heat and only disperse it as it reaches it capacity for holding the warmth. Wood, and textile material will merely pass the same warmth directly through, and it will take more power to keep the same room heated. This is very similar to the process that is used for modern fireplaces, and ceramics are molded into life like logs that are warmed by natural gas or propane fuel. For as long as the logs are heated they will dispense warmth for that same period after the fire is removed.

Heated Tile Floor Reviews

You can read as many heated tile floor reviews as you like, but the end result will be with the thermal mat or blanket system that always seems to win out over the competing factors. It is zero maintenance, low cost, and ease of installation makes it a winner for all categories. Cost of ownership with any appliance in a home or business should always be examined thoroughly before making a purchase decision, and this system has not red flags that appear throughout this writer’s research. Now, there have been some unhappy customers, but mainly those are the super cheapskates that tried to tackle the installation alone, and failed due to their lack of experience and education in the matter.

Heated Tile Floor Cost

Do not even blink when it comes time to calculating heated tile floor cost, as it is super cheap compared to buying a replacement central, or gas heating system. The labor is less, but it should be noted this type of install is only cost effective when planning on replacing the floors in a home, or just one room, otherwise it would not be wise to attempt. New construction is always the best way to implement this heating technology, and will not even cause a blip on the financial radar when it comes to adding it to the complete construction budget. There are other options to consider when making this purchase and that will be the controls, and how it is placed in the home.

Heated Tile Floor Installation

Professional heated tile floor installation is necessary, as you only want to do this once, and have it done right the first time. This is why the repairperson approach is a bad idea, as it might require pulled back up the tiled floor to fix any amateurish problems that could have been avoided. You can watch the accompanying video and see it is not a huge process, but the costs of having to redo a job like this would astronomical. Work with the chosen manufacturer and only use an installer that is certified, or trained by them, and not just the neighborhood guy with the Handyman Jim magnetic signs on the side of his pickup truck.

Underfloor Tile Heating

The use of underfloor tile heating is said not to be a cure all for all heating applications, and that might be true in severe cold weather locations. Even if you have to use your old central system in conduction with your new tile floor heating systems, it will not be need as much, and will only kick on when temperatures really drop in the middle of the night. In the deep southern parts of the United States these warm tiles may be all that is needed to keep comfort levels maintained, as they do not experience hard winter storms like people do in say Ohio, or North Dakota.

Radiant Floor System

A radiant floor system is also a much better solution for people who have breathing difficulties due to asthma, or other respiratory issues. Tile floor heating systems preclude the need most of the time for having to used air based heat, and will cut down on the allergens that are kept floating through the air while the system is running. Mold spores grow everywhere in a home or business, and warm air only dislodges them from their nesting point, and are compelled throughout a structure along with millions of those dust mites that cannot be seen by the human eye either. Cutting down on the airborne indoor pollutants will also cut down on those emergency room, and doctor visits quite a bit as well.

Heated Tile Floor Videos Installation


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