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Heavy Duty Beach Chairs

Updated on September 27, 2011

A More Substantial Beach Chair

Beach chairs are lightweight and easy to carry around. Unfortunately for many adults, they really aren't that sturdy, comfortable, or durable. If you're over 6 feet tall or weigh over 200lbs then something a bit more substantial may suit your needs better. Heavy duty beach chairs are built with bigger and taller individuals in mind.

Having the right chair provides comfort, improves safety, and helps to assure it's longevity.

There are several things that make these chairs more suitable for taller and larger individuals. These chairs feature aluminum frames for strength as well as light weight. Steel tubing is added to provide more support. Denier polyester is often used for it's durability as well. Some provide extra wide seating, for instance 21-23" versus the standard 17-18". In addition, the backs of these chairs may be taller as well.

Important Tips

When choosing a chair, it's important to consider:

1. the weight capacity
2. the width and length of the seat
3. the seat height
4. the height of the back

In addition, other features may be important depending upon your needs:

1. multi-position reclining
2. storage for your valuables
3. drink holders
4. headrests

For your heavy duty beach chair to last, you'll want to read and follow any care instructions provided by the manufacturer. In general, if it will be used outdoors, it should be stored where it is protected against prolonged sun exposure, repeated rain, and so forth. During the off season, it is best stored indoors.

If should be cleaned/washed to rid it of sand and so forth prior to storing it. It should also be dried completely so that mildew or mold does not form.

Heavy Duty Beach Chairs Rated at 500lbs.

This is one of the roomiest and strongest beach chairs available. It's made of anodized heavy gage aluminum with reinforced steel tubing inside. It's covered with rugged 600 Denier polyester fabric which is double layered on the seat and features 4" wide solid hardwood arms with a weather and scratch resistant coating. It's rust resistant and has the dimensions needed to accommodate big and tall individuals.

It has an oversized seat measuring 23" wide and 22" deep. The seat is 16" off of the ground and it has a 30" tall back. This heavy duty beach chair will support up to 500lbs and will recline to 4 different positions; it will not lay completely flat however. It features a 2.5" thick cushioned headrest, large rear access carrying pouch with velcro, swing out drink holder, and zippered storage pouch for your valuables on the arm rest. The chair has an overall height of 42 inches and weighs 16lbs.

Heavy Duty Beach Chairs Rated at 300lbs.

This heavy duty chair will support up to 300lbs and offers a 22" wide seat which is 14" deep. The back is 27" allowing taller people some extra room. This is a low chair that sits 7" off of the ground, giving the chair a total height of 38".

Made of anodized aluminum and double sided Denier polyester fabric, it's rust resistant, durable, and will dry quickly. The chair will recline to 5 different positions including fully flat. It features a built in cushion pillow, swivel drink holder, detachable storage case for valuables, and should straps to make it easy to carry around. It weighs 8lbs.

This folding beach chair is sturdy and provides extra space. It is made of anodized aluminum that's both durable and rust resistant and is covered with double sided 600 Denier polyester fabric which is triple coated to allow it to dry quickly. Perfect for big and tall people, it provides 22 inches of extra wide seat space, sturdy 2.75" hardwood arm rests, and is built to hold up to 300lbs.

Despite it's strength, this heavy duty beach chair weighs a mere 7lbs. and is easy to tote along with the attached shoulder straps. It features a built in cushion, swivel drink holder, and a detachable zippered storage case for storing your valuables. This chair reclines to 4 different posions and sits 13.5" from the ground, is 16 inches deep and has a 29" back.

Heavy Duty Beach Chairs Rated at 250lbs.

This a great beach or camping chair. It's made of 19mm steel tubing and 600 Denier polyester fabric. It provides a 17.5" W x 16" D seat with 18.5" between the 1.75" arms. It sits 10.5" off of the ground and can support 250 lbs. Despite it's sturdy build, it folds up to 27" L x 22" W x 3.25" H and weighs 8lbs making it compact and light enough to carry. It comes with a 13"W x 15"H x 5"D storage pack for taking along other items, a drink holder, and padded shoulder straps for comfort.

It features a removable padded headrest which is adjustable for various heights.

This second chair is constructed with stainless steel hinges and rivets, Canadian oak with a marine spar varnish, and marine/awning grade fabric which is water and stain resistant as well as fade-proof. This sturdy chair offers a 5 year limited warranty on the fabric and offers a 250lb weight capacity.

This chair offers 4 reclining positions, but no lay flat position. When folded it measures 38" L x 24" W x 5" H and weighs 18lbs. The seat measure 20.5" between the arms.


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  • Sun-Girl profile image

    Sun-Girl 6 years ago from Nigeria

    Nice and sounds pretty interesting,thanks for writing.Bravo.

  • habee profile image

    Holle Abee 7 years ago from Georgia

    I have one of these, and I love it!