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Hello Kitty Wall Stickers

Updated on July 5, 2011

Hello Kitty Wall Stickers

 Hello Kitty is an eternally popular design theme for girls bedrooms, which makes Hello Kitty wall stickers a perfect decorating accessory.

'Hello Kitty' is a design that has been around since the early 1970's. It's instantly recognisable and can be found adorning everything from bags to boots ~ and of course bedrooms.

When decorating a bedroom in the style of this cute little cat most people start out with the bedding and then maybe go for a pink themed wallpaper so the colors in the room look right.

The trick is to then be able to add in more decorative items which neither break the bank, or take forever to put up or assemble. Hello Kitty wall decals fit into this niche perfectly.

Hello Kitty Wall Decal Magic Sticker
Hello Kitty Wall Decal Magic Sticker

 Decals are transfers or stickers with a design that can can be 'transferrred' to another surface such as walls or tiles. These days it is more and more common for them to be removable which means you can rearrange them to easily create new looks in a room.

Hello Kitty decal stickers range from those only a few inches in diameter up to an 11" tall figure which is perfect for a focal point.

Hello Kitty Giant Wall Stickers

 If you've ever wondered what it would be like to have an in excess of 1ft high Hello Kitty on the wall here's your chance to find out.

These giant stickers make great focal points for a wall or door and can have smaller stickers placed around them for additional decoration.

If you measure carefully when attaching them you could also use them as growth charts.

Hello Kitty Wall Sticker Sets

 These Hello Kitty wall sticker sets are great for creating your own arrangements on walls, doors or windows, or how about use them as a border around the top of a room.

Cluster them together or spread them out around the room, the decorating decisions are up to you.



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