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LED Grow Light Tips For Growing Fat Buds

Updated on May 30, 2012

LED grow lamps provide your grow the equivalent usable lumination and only uses about a 3rd of the electrical power.

LED’s generate minimal amounts of heat so they're not going to burn your crops. You'll be able to elect to slowly move the lamps nearer to the crops. Closer lamps means much more lumination getting to your crops with a greater intensity.

Lower Temperature usually means a lesser amount of heat stress on your crops which make for optimum bud creation.

Reduced heat that is generated by the Leds will also mean much less ventilation and minimize air conditioning costs. View and modify the room temps when you begin using LED lights.

LED’s generate the specific bandwidths plants really need to develop efficiently, bloom and produce fat buds. 3 shades are critical for development which are blue, orange and red in a proportion of 1:1:7 respectively. This technological innovation was initially brought to life by NASA to be used on space missions to ensure the Astronauts could effectively and efficiently grow plants.

A 500 w professional series LED grow light is equivalent to about 1500 to 1700 watts of HID lights. This identical light just uses five amps to supply that level of light. A one thousand watt HID light in contrast employs 15 amps of electric power.

In case you are feeding your crops on a regular timetable with a top-notch fertilizer expect to fine-tune fertilizer amounts due to the decrease stress and temperature levels. Crops will use significantly less vitamins and minerals for greater outcomes.

The Best HID Grow Light Kits For Your Medical Grow


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