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Helpful Tips on How to Quickly Clean Your House

Updated on January 14, 2018

So you live a busy life. A typical day for you would be waking up early to prepare the kids for school, cooking breakfast really quickly, sending them off to the school bus or driving them yourself, and finally you’re off to the office. Later in the day you pick up the kids, prepare dinner, and if you have some time left (or energy) you play a game or two with the whole family.

Of course you don’t want to live in a dirty home so you try your best to squeeze in a minute or two of quick cleaning around the house. But then you realize that it’s just not enough—or at least you’re not doing it right and as efficient as possible.

Need help? This is where this post comes in handy. Here are some quick and easy ways for you to do some household clean up.

1. Buy or make your own all-purpose cleaner.

This is very handy because whenever you would need to clean something, all you have to do is grab that cleaner and a rag. You can certainly buy it from the supermarket or if you’re into DIY, all you need is to mix four tablespoons of baking soda with a quart of warm water. That’s it!

2. Check the usually forgotten spots in the house.

Every now and then, try your best to check some of the commonly forgotten dirty spots in your home to see if it’s time to clean them. These include light bulbs, ceiling fan, couch cushion, any home decoration, and even knobs and switches. These are very easy to skip whenever you do general house cleaning so it’s best to create your own checklist just to make sure you don’t miss them.

3. Book a house cleaning service.

Sometimes you can be extremely busy that you really can’t find the time to do the cleaning yourself. Hiring a domestic cleaner is your best option especially if you’re booking from a reputable referral agency. Find out everything you need to know about hiring house cleaning services in this blog.

4. Adapt the habit of always cleaning up after each activity.

Did you do some paperwork at home? Instead of letting some pieces of paper lying around while you go to bed, make it a habit to put them away first. It can feel like a chore in the beginning, but soon it will become a habit that you wouldn’t notice you’re often cleaning up after each work. The same thing applies whenever you cook, eat, or take a bath.

5. Use the right tools.

To quickly clean anything, you have to make sure that you’re using the right tools. For example, to clean hard to reach places, use the applicable extension for your vacuum cleaner. Also, sometimes an old cloth or rag is not enough to do the job. Often a microfibre is your best option. And use the right cleaning agent for the windows, floor tiles, wood, and textile. If you’re using the right tool then you can get the job done in half the time.

6. Let your kids help.

When properly motivated, children are usually willing to help in house cleaning. To them it can also be a form of play. Just let them do the easy stuff like dusting, sweeping, and wiping. Hand them each a microfiber cloth and let them wipe every thing in sight. You’d be surprised on how efficient they can be. Just make sure to keep them away from the harsh cleaning chemicals.

7. Put on your favorite tunes.

Whether you use your iPod, laptop or your stereo, play your favorite music before you even begin cleaning. It is an effective way to distract you as you go about your house cleaning chores. It will make time seem to go faster and before you know it, an hour or two have passed and you’re already done with all the cleaning for the day.

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Make cleaning fun and fast!

Cleaning your home from top to bottom is a tedious task—so tedious, that you get tired just looking at everything that needs tidying up. But hey, it doesn't always have to feel like an actual chore! With my simple tips—and maybe a bit of planning and thinking ahead—you sure can make house cleaning as fun, efficient, and quick as possible.


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    • Mel Carriere profile image

      Mel Carriere 

      22 months ago from San Diego California

      I find that household chores go better with music, like you said. Nobody likes to do this stuff, but music can certainly ease the drudgery. Great hub.


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