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Helping Grandmah Clean Up

Updated on September 13, 2014

September 13, 2014

Joann's mom needs help with her house cleaning. Today Joann will help her take her shower. If I can I will wash her dog again, and sweep, and mop her mother's house.

Last Sunday I had a hard fall on our ramp, following a heavy rain storm . All week we have been taking pain, and muscle relaxants . I hope we can work today. Joann does a lot of washing clothes.

Becky looks forward to seeing her grand mother again. We will buy some more fried chicken from the deli, and potato salad, and bring it to grand mother's house. The family will enjoy it.

I scrubbed the ceiling last week where there were two very dark spots. The spots came out, but there still remains a shade of a slight darkness . I think it will pass inspection from section eight.

Section eight helps Joann's mom to pay her rent. Inspectors said there were issues that needed attention so I worked on cleaning two spots on the ceiling.

Laura still has sheets, and garments that need washing. If we can get to her house today, Joann will wash, and dry them.

Becky likes to talk about her friend Barbara Ann. She helps fold clothes with her grand mother. Becky uses her one, and only good arm, and hand to help out.

It would be nice if it all works out well otherwise the elderly lady could lose her independence of having her own home . We have already offered our home as a place she could live if she chooses to stay with us.

Joann's other two sisters have offered their homes , for their mother as well. Laura is almost eighty years young. Her little dog Candy is very active, and loveable. Her dog can also stay with us if necessary.

Today I will clean our house this morning , and later take more pain medicine.

I also have to cut grass on our place with our riding lawn mower. Walking long lengths is out of the question , for me. I also have to disperse flea granules under our home because fleas are on the ground, and have been invading our home.

When I can, I comb the fleas off of our cats with a handy little flea comb. I was surprised how well it works. There only a few dollars each, but they work better than a regular comb.

Joann is resting on this early morning. Soon I will be bringing Becky into our living room, and transferring her to her motorized wheelchair.

Seems all we do is constantly work all the time. I would like to buy a chair with wheels because it would help me to maneuver myself around the house when I sweep, or mop.

I also hope I do not fall again. It bruises me a good bit .

Becky is all excited about going back to see her grand mother. It is like a picnic in a way.

God Bless.


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    • stars439 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Louisiana, The Magnolia and Pelican State.

      Dear Jackie Lynnley : Thank you , for visiting dear heart. Thank you , for the suggestion on the spot removal. You're idea sounds better than what I did. I scrubbed, and that sort of shaded the paint job, but then I tried the bleach that you just suggested. Fortunately the spots came out. Thanks again for good advice. God Bless You.

    • Jackie Lynnley profile image

      Jackie Lynnley 

      4 years ago from The Beautiful South

      I know something you can try on those spot; friend. Especially if it is white. Take the rag or sponge slightly wet and dust with Ajax with bleach or any with bleach and lightly go over it. Don't scrub or you may remove the paint but just lightly applying it and let it dry and it bleaches out the dark stain.

      I lived in an apartment a couple of times and wanted my deposit back, lol, which they said was rare but I got it and those dark smudges were the worst problem. This takes away skin marks on the walls too. Just go lightly and don't scrub.

      Good luck and do take care! God bless.


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