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Grow An Herbal Tea Garden

Updated on November 11, 2012

Many people enjoy herbal teas because they are caffeine free. Or for some, there are healing powers in the herbs that they may need at the time. For others, it is just the delicious taste of the herbs themselves. If you also enjoy gardening, it is possible to grow herbs to make tea. Here are some tips on what herbs to grow to make those wonderful and delicious teas with fresh plants.The most popular herbs to grow for teas are Angelica, Bee balm, Catnip (leaves and flowers), Chamomille (flowers), Lemon balm, Lemon thyme, Lemon verbena, any of the Mints, Rosemary, Sage, and Scented geraniums. Use the leaves from these plants, unless otherwise noted in parentheses.

Any of these can be used fresh from the plant to brew a lovely pot of tea. You can even experiment on blends that are to your tastes. Try combining Spearmint, Elderberry, and Lemon Balm for a fresh tasting tea. Or you could combine Chamomile and Apple Mint for a relaxing mug before bedtime.

You will get the most flavor from your herbs if you brew them lightly and delicately. Use one tablespoon of fresh herbs for each 6 or 8 ounce mug. The herbs should be placed in a nonmetal teapot, such as china or pottery. If you make the tea in a metal container, the flavor will not stay pure and you will get some metal taste in your tea. Add boiling water to the tea and steep it for five to ten minutes. Taste the brew until it is to your liking and then strain the herbs out. The tea can be served with honey, lemon, orange slices, or fresh sprigs of herbs. The sprigs can be the herbs you used to brew the tea, or maybe something different to add a bit of a different taste.

Fresh herbs from your garden can also be used to make iced tea. It does take a bit more fresh herb to make iced tea, however. Put three tablespoons of fresh herbs or two tablespoons of dried herbs in a non-metal container for each six to eight ounce cup. Iced tea needs to be a bit stronger so the ice will not dilute the tea and make it taste weak. Add boiling water and steep the tea for five to ten minutes.

Another lovely idea is to make ice cubes from the cold herbal tea drinks. Using them in your summer drinks can be a refreshing change of pace. For instance, mint ice cubes in lemonade would be a delicious drink on a hot summer afternoon. Or add them to plain water for a splash of flavor.

No matter how you decide to consume your herbal tea, it will taste so much fresher if you use fresh herbs from your garden. And, you will know exactly what you are consuming because you are the person who grew the plants. Hopefully, these tips will help you have an abundance of fresh herbs for making tea for you and your family to enjoy.


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  • Myfanwy profile imageAUTHOR


    6 years ago from Tennessee, USA

    Me, too! Thanks!

  • Saphire Storm profile image

    Saphire Storm 

    7 years ago from Tennessee

    Great hub! I love tea!


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