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Hi this is my new hub

Updated on November 19, 2012

Too Much Info

I made the mistake of writing too much on Twitter. It has gotten to me recently as no one seems to want to hire me. :( This from personal experience is not a good thing to do. I am generally a good person. I love the Internet a little too much lol. I am a writer and love to write things on blogs, etc. I would love to be paid for this if I get the chance. Writing is my life basically. However, writing 'to" someone is somewhat bad lol. I do not really write anymore real personal things such as my relationship with my friends or love life, things like that.

My advice to you? Limit it. It becomes an addiction when you simply have to let people know things in your personal life. I limit that to Facebook where only my close friends and relatives who know me will not judge. :) I am learning that is the best way.

Once things are on the computer, it can ruin your life. So trust me. I will not join such as bad things as dating sites that are 'adult'. Who knows, an employee could be on there or even employer. :(


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