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High Efficiency Air Conditioners Care & Upkeep

Updated on July 15, 2013

Cleaning your Air Conditioner

How to Keep Your Air Conditioner Running at High Efficiency

Tips for Keeping a High Efficiency Air Conditioner at its Best

All residential and commercial air conditioners have similar components. Make sure your unit is installed properly, and insulate around a window or wall unit if you have any gaps. If you have an outside unit makes sure it is away from trees with falling leaves or out of sand that might blow into the unit. Be sure to have a professional pour a concrete pad if needed, and your unit is level.

In the winter cover your unit and in the summer change your filters frequently. If you are allergic to dust and pollen wash your filters, run them under some warm water, put a little dish detergent on them, and rinse until clean.

Air conditioners have cooling coils and they need to be checked regularly for ice buildup, especially in temperatures that are warm but not too intense. If they ice up turn the air conditioner off and wait until the ice dissipates before turning back on.

When possible if you aren’t handy doing annual cleanings, buy an extended warranty that includes cleaning once per year. If you don’t have one you should remove the case of the air conditioner and take a small air compressor to blow off the coils. Be sure not to use a high pressure washer that might flatten fins. Stay a good foot away, and adjust your power accordingly.

Inspect your wiring and don’t remove the air conditioner and store it in a place mice can nest. Make sure your air conditioner has a suitable plug for the voltage requirement of the unit.

The new freestanding units usually have a pan for the water outside, empty it frequently. These units are ideal for people without wide windows to install a portable unit. It is important that the unit is sealed around the hose going out the window.

There is a difference in opinions on the free standing air conditioner units and those put into the window and wall. Some people say they are just as good in keeping the house cool, others say they run a bit more and use more electric, but they are the ideal air conditioner for a modern home, or a home without windows that slide up and down.

A great advantage to these free standing air conditioners is they can be moved room to room, which is ideal in most all situations.

Written by B. A. Williams
All Rights Reserved


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