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High Efficiency Furnaces

Updated on November 5, 2010

High Efficiency Furnaces--Big Savings In Home Heating Costs

High efficiency furnaces made today are designed to use 30% less fuel than older furnaces will consume. The annual fuel cost is much higher for these older models. Those home owners who are purchasing a new furnace should seriously consider getting a high efficiency model due to the fact that gas prices are almost certain to escalate in years to come.

There is a definite limit to the available supply of natural gas. Gas usage is increasing steadily and it is to be expected that natural gas prices will increase substantially in future years. Use of a highly efficient furnace will produce big savings on your gas bill annually.The total savings will be measured in thousands of dollars over a period of time.

Installation of a new efficient furnace will cost thousands of dollars. It certainly makes good sense therefore to choose carefully the model which is best for your situation. Selection of the right contractor for the work is also an essential. It makes sense to get a firm quote for the job prior to awarding it to anyone and if you can get firm quotes from several different companies this is best of all.

Mid efficency gas furnaces convert 80% to 82% of the gas burnt into usable heat for the home. High efficiency furnaces convert 90% to 97% into heat. These figures indicate clearly that it is desirable to buy the highest efficiency furnace available to you.The actual time taken to pay for the cost of the machine very much depends on the amount of gas used. In a cold climate more gas is burnt to heat the home and payout will take place sooner with the large saving in fuel costs.

These new furnaces have some other advantages. They operate more quietly than older machines. They keep the temperature at a more constant level as a result of more even heat output. To heat your home in the proper manner it is very important to buy a furnace which has the correct heating capacity for your home. Highly efficient furnaces with lesser BTU ratings than those of mid efficient machines can do this very well.

A home which is poorly insulated should have this corrected prior to installation of the new furnace. Bad insulation and areas where heat may escape from the house must be found and corrected if possible.

Cost of installation for a new furnace is directly related to the amount of work needed and to the cost of materials for the job. High efficiency furnaces commonly vent through an outer wall of the home, while plastic piping is used to conduct cold air in from the outside.

Installing a new high efficiency gas furnace will add comfort as well as warmth to your house. You will also save a lot of money on your fuel bill. There is no doubt that this is a very worthwhile expenditure which will pay for itself quite quickly. At our website you will find a lot more info about high efficiency furnaces.


High Efficiency Furnaces

A Good Furnace
A Good Furnace
Quality high efficiency furnace
Quality high efficiency furnace

High Efficiency Furnaces For A Warm Comfortable Home

 These modern furnaces are usually vented  to the outdoors through a wall of the house, and cold air  for the furnace is piped in in from outside by means of plastic pipe.

Installation of a new  high efficiency natural gas furnace will certainly make your home warm and comfortable thropughout, while also saving you a great deal of of money on your fuel bill. This is beyond any doubt a very wise investment for you which will pay for you back several times over in the course of a period of years.

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