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Hire a professional oven cleaning service online

Updated on August 18, 2010

I don't know about you but I hate cleaning! I was really interested to find out that there are professional companies that will actually clean your oven for you. Wow, an oven valet service for your domestic oven!

Oven cleaning is one of the really bad household cleaning jobs I hate. If you love cooking pizzas then your oven usually ends up with baked on cheese at the bottom. Greasy burnt food is really difficult to remove and takes a lot of cleaning materials in order to shift it. It's also really hard work to clean your oven, and is the last thing you want to do when you come home from work or you've had a long day looking after the kids.

As if the time and effort wasn't bad enough oven cleaning can be dangerous! My mom managed to break the glass oven door while she was cleaning her oven! I don't know how on earth she managed that. Needless to say the replacement costs were substantial, and I wish she'd got a professional oven cleaning valet in to do the job for her.

Another problem with cleaning the oven yourself is that it's always a problem trying to remember what cleaning materials can or cannot be used to clean an oven. Most ovens come with cleaning instructions, but how many of us can ever remember where those instructions are kept? If you've bought your house then the previous occupants might even have thrown away the instructions. Even if you can find the instructions then the chemicals you need to clean an oven are often pretty nasty, so you only want to expose yourself to them if absolutely necessary.

If you're renting a property it's a good idea to get the oven professionally cleaned before you leave
If you're renting a property it's a good idea to get the oven professionally cleaned before you leave

Choosing a profession oven cleaning service

Oven cleaning can either be done as a standalone service, or it can be carried out as part of a general household cleaning service. The cleaning operation typically takes between one and two hours. Be sure to get a quotation before getting the work done. Most companies will quote a fixed fee for the work, and their websites usually have a cleaning price list. Make sure a company is insured to carry out the work (for the UK it is essential that they have public liability insurance).

Most countries have oven cleaning companies that will service ovens in your local area. These businesses are often run as franchises. Common oven cleaning companies in the UK include Oven Clean and Oven Bright.

Most professional mobile oven cleaning valets will do such a good job of cleaning your oven that you only really need to use them once or twice a year. Once they have done the heavy duty cleaning then it's much easier to wipe away the odd spillage within the oven.

If you're renting your house or apartment then it's a good idea to get an oven cleaning service in to clean your oven before you hand back the property to the landlord. Letting agencies can often withhold some of your deposit if the property isn't professionally cleaned. If you're a landlord or letting agency then hiring an oven cleaning service is a great way of making sure that a property is thoroughly cleaned before the new tenants take possession of the property.

If you're getting someone to clean the oven then make sure they do a thorough job on the inside of the oven as well as the oven door glass. Cleaning the door glass is essential if you want to have a clear view of what you're cooking. Opening and shutting the oven door during cooking isn't a good idea. For one thing it wastes energy. Another problem is that if you're baking a cake or a souffle then opening the door could cause it to sag during cooking!

Is it a good idea to use an oven valet service

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Some mobile valet services will also clean oven trays and racks as part of their service. Hobs can also be difficult to clean if there is baked on grease. Those glass hobs that are increasingly common in condos and new build apartments are also difficult to clean yourself as they require a lot of elbow grease! Check that your oven cleaning company will clean the hob as well as the oven.

Some ovens claim to be "self cleaning", but in practice they're not always effective. A self cleaning oven will benefit from a good quarterly or annual deep clean.

Some companies offer even more comprehensive kitchen cleaning services including cleaning the extractor fan, grill pans and microwave oven. As well as domestic ovens, many companies will also clean Agas/Rayburns and ranges. If you love cooking outdoors then you can even get them to clean your

By the way, many oven cleaning services will also offer useful extras such as replacing light bulbs. Replacing a cooker, oven or extractor fan light bulb is sometimes quite complicated, so it's far better to get somebody who knows what they're doing to change the bulb for you.

I hope this article helps you to find a great oven cleaner. Less time spent doing these boring hard jobs means more time for other things.


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    • profile image

      oven cleaner bedfore 

      7 years ago

      If you cant use chemicals Patricia get yourself a blade to scrape the dirt off first then all you will need is cleaner and elbow grease to shift the dirt. No harmful chemicals.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      You tell me everything about oven valet service but no phone numbers!!!!!!!!!! I live in Garden Grove, CA and my 'e' mail is I need a professional oven cleaner for my home oven which my son burned oil on cooking the turkey Thursday. My husband and I are not well and I have allergies to chemicals, I can't use Easy-Off. HELP!!!!!


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