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Holiday Light Decoration for Outdoor Space

Updated on November 12, 2014

Beautify Outdoors with Lovely Decorative Lights

Do you have any idea of illuminate your outdoors and make it appealing with some sparkling and warm decorative holiday lights? Most of us may decorate the outdoor space before Christmas season. But it is a very wonderful idea to try the outdoor lighting out in different seasons for creating a warm and special ambiance. The exterior area is just as important as the interior space, which defines our residence immediately after it comes into sight of our guests. Holiday lights can help beautify and spruce up the whole space outside our home. For the outdoor living space, there is no need to use too much light. A few lights in right place for proper highlight can be enough to set an intimate mood.

Different Types of Lights for Outdoor Decoration

There are a variety of lights that are designed to be functional and decorative lights for pathway, garden or entrances or to lit up a porch. Whatever the types of decorative lights we use for the exterior areas, with the holidays such as Thanksgiving Day and Christmas season coming very soon, it is necessary to decorate the outdoor areas with the theme of the two holidays, warmth or gratitude. There are a lot of lights that can help achieve such effect. But still, we need to ensure the holiday lights we choose are certified for outdoor use. Then what are the popularly used such outdoor lights?

The commonly used outdoor lights include LED lights, solar powered lights, string lights, light wraps, icicle lights, mini fairy lights, Christmas rope lights, C5, C7, C9 or even lanterns, etc. Most often, the essence of outdoor decoration is strings of lights we attach to trees, roofs or gutters. There are actually a few factors when we select the lights that are practical and safe and still can offer the best decoration effect. Solar powered lights are energy efficient, but not practical for those who live in cloudy winter weather. For illumination every night, the solar powered lights can hardly obtain enough solar power to be charged. Naturally, for those in sunny place, the solar lights are wonderful choice.

LED decorative lights are popular lights used for interior and exterior decoration nowadays. They are green lights. LED lights are favored among those who prefer spending a bit more first on the lights, with a hope of saving on electricity bills over long time. Besides, LED decorative lights have been diversified and they are more flexible in decoration. Initially, LED lights just don't get very bright. The lights have been vastly improved over recent years. Not only do they save us more over long haul, but they are earth-friendly, safe and can last significantly longer than traditional incandescent lights.

As for the rope lights, they are strings of micro lights spaced about an inch apart encased a plastic light tube. The bulbs are bound inside the tube, which means they are not easy to be replaced. In this way, the lights can be used for many years. Besides, the rope lights will not burn after a long time use because they are protected inside the tube. They are safe to use for outdoor decoration, especially great for wrapping posts and making garlands of colored light. They still have drawbacks. The lights are not malleable and many bends or stick in coiled up orientation. They might look a bit disheveled on windows or doorways.

Mini lights are by far one of the most commonly used decorative lights and we can see them in party, home decor, Christmas tree, etc. Mini lights are most often available in the form of LEDs and incandescent. They come in the shape much like candles with pointed points. C6 bulbs are smallish strawberry-shaped lights, which are the traditional Christmas tree light. C7 bulbs are a bit larger and rounder than C6 while C9 have the largest size, usually measuring 1-1/4 inches in diameter and 2 1/2 inches tall. They are frequently used outdoor lights.

Holiday Light Strings for Exterior Area

To hang holiday string lights outdoors is one of the most popular ways to decorate the exterior area. We can hang the string lights from fences to trees in the garden or in the yard for gorgeous outdoor vibe. The string lights do not have to be fancy. We can add our own whimsical touches to beautiful the outdoor decor. The string lights can be LEDs for they are energy efficient and will not burn out as often. Long time illumination will help save a lot off the electricity bills. String the mini holiday lights to create holiday magic in advance and last the atmosphere till the Christmas season. There is no need to wind the lights on each of the tree branches, though the more lights, the better decorative effect will be. Try to look at the tree with a critical eye and decide which branches get lights.

Decorate Porches & Patios with Holiday Lights

If you live in an area with mild temperatures all the year round, consider the outdoor areas as extensions to the interior living areas. Try to decorate the outdoor space and make it the rest of the home for holding parties, get-together or just relaxation. Once the outdoor areas are well lit up, it might be much safer to move around at night. Consider outdoor lighting for that function and try to use holiday lights to light up the patio areas. There are a lot of light choice for the exterior areas, such as ground lights, which not only light the path but also avoid glare from distracting visitors. Or try to mount some lights on the trees. If you are worried about the possible harm to the trees by the lights, try to add some artificial tree lights in the patio instead. The artificial Christmas light tree can add atmospheric lighting to the outdoor area, and mimic the look of Christmas season.

Accent Outdoor Steps With Lights

It is really very wise way to light the entrance road or stair cases, which will guide the visitors walk to your front door safely and easily in the dark. The outdoor step lighting can help achieve security for the guests. Besides, the step lighting is important in enhancing the overall feel of the outdoor environment. Try to use recessed outdoor lights or add some lighting fixtures into a sidewall.


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