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Holy Snow

Updated on January 19, 2018
A photo of my dad snow blowing so that we could leave our driveway.
A photo of my dad snow blowing so that we could leave our driveway.

Holy Snow

Snow! That dreaded season, that comes but once a year. The word snow is dreaded when it is said in the winter, and when the white stuff hits the ground well....then nobody hears the end of it. It feels like it is limitless and never-ending when it does show up.

Snow in the winter is that limitless amount of white stuff that falls and makes everyone cringe. Did anyone see the snow yesterday? Holy cow it was crazy to me anyway. Be careful driving anywhere on this Monday, morning. If you tried to go out to super bowl parties yesterday did you make it or did you decide to stay home? The snow was so deep that, it was worthless to try to clean it up yesterday. Am I right? It just kept coming and it didn’t stop until 9:45 today, at my house. My siblings who live in Toronto came home for the weekend and are still here. The roads were too bad for them to get back yesterday. When it snows it makes the roads very dangerous because the snow is slippery and with the snow comes ice which causes the roads to turn into ice rinks, if you don't have the right tires I wouldn't drive in the snow.

There are no buses running and school closures because of all this snow. It’s just after eleven am we live on a farm so we have a tractor with a snow blower. So my dad had to dig us out he went outside right before ten am and started to plow it is just after eleven am now and he is finally inside. The cars were even buried, our hot tub is still buried. Isn’t that crazy? Who has seen this much snow in Ontario so quickly? I know that people in other parts of the country have seen it but Ontario? Essex County area, and further that is nuts.

When it snows this much, you stay indoors and stay as warm as possible. Even looking outside makes you cold. You could get buried alive out in this snow. My dog almost did, last night she needed to go outside, do you think she did? She tried but because the snow was so deep there was no way she was going to go potty. So after the snow stopped today and at least there was a pathway after my dad snow billowed, she went outside for the first time.

The road conditions are horrible, still, if you are driving anywhere, be very careful and drive slowly. Better yet if you can avoid going out then do so. Since I live on the highway, my road is plowed all the time at least it feels that way, if you live anywhere else you probably can’t get out. If that is the case, stay indoors and stay warm. If you need to dig yourself, out for any reason dress warmly and make sure that your faces are covered.

This is what my front yard looked like right before we Plowed the driveway
This is what my front yard looked like right before we Plowed the driveway

Snow Days Are Fun For Kids

Although I am sure that the kids like this because hey with all this snow there are school closures and bus cancellations. People aren’t going to work because they can’t get out there houses. So the kids can go outside and play but the parents are trying to dig themselves out so that if they do need to go outside at any point today they can. Just stay safe on the roads and if you can avoid it stay indoors. Why not have a movie day, with hot chocolate and blankets or even read a book. If you have a fireplace, either gas or wood burning why not turn that on. Sit in front of it with a blanket, book, and cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate. Or sit in front of the television, watching movies, or Netflix.

We might be saying Holy snow in Ontario because we haven't seen so much snow in awhile but ask someone who lives out west, or in another part of the world, they get snow as early as October and sometimes in limitless amounts I am sure glad I don't live there, have you ever seen what you think is a limitless amount of snow?

So many people have Netflix now it is one the best things invented, sure the movies are old but you can watch so many different ones without leaving your couch. And in this snowy weather who would want to leave? I wouldn’t so why not sit at home all nice and warm just relaxing, in this weather what else is there to do?

Today I have decided to sit in front of the television with a book and read while sipping another coffee, or even a tea. I don’t plan on leaving my house unless absolutely necessary. With this limitless amount of snow, it can be very dangerous. I suggest that others do the same, go play in the snow but don’t go driving out in it. Sure it has stopped snowing in some places but others are still getting hit, so be careful wherever you are.
It is limitless when it comes to drive safely and be cautious of the drivers who don't know that it is snowing out.

The snow lasts from the month of November until after the month of March sometimes, which can feel like a limitless amount of time. Indirectly, one minute there won't be snow on the ground so we feel as though we are in the clear and winter is almost over, and then the next there is snow on the ground not just a little bit of snow either, a huge heaping amount of snow, which makes people say, " Holy Snow", so the title of this post is fitting.

Holy Snow

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Snow can be Limitless but don't let it get you down

Snow feels limitless especially when you think it is gone, it comes back with a vengeance. Until it does finally melt away and stay away for another year. Snow feels as though it is never going to go away when it does show up though, but always think positive and soon it will go away and it will be warmer out. Winter does feel limitless with the amount of snow that we get, but if we look at it positively and remind ourselves that it won't last too long it we will feel better about it don't you think?

Can snow be limitless what do you think?

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