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Home Automation - Access your Home Security Camera via Internet and Smartphone

Updated on December 11, 2016
thief | image credit: Dreamstime
thief | image credit: Dreamstime

Affordable high-quality Insteon-compatible security camera

At last, an affordable high-quality Insteon-compatible security camera with night vision. You can add home security to your home automation system for no monthly fees.

Let's say you're on vacation far from home. You have your camera trained on your garage doors. With a few touchstrokes on your web-enabled smartphone, you call up a view of your garage doors and double-check to see if they are closed. You breathe a sigh of relief to visually confirm that they are indeed closed.

Next you pan around your living room and see that all is o.k. You're pleased that you've installed this security camera.

Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera | image credit: Smarthome
Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera | image credit: Smarthome

Ideal security system for do-it-yourselfers

This IP security camera was designed for easy use by home-do-it yourselfers.

It is compatible with Insteon -- the home automation network (HAN) of choice of DIYers.

Other home security systems can cost much more and require professional installation and monthy service fees.

Features of the Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera

  • produces clear color images or video, day or night, through a glass lens and a 1/4-inch color CMOS sensor that is displayed at a resolution of 640x480 (over 300,000 pixels)
  • captures images at 15 frames per second (fps) over VGA, 30 fps over QVGA
  • can be remotely panned to look look at a wider area -- 300 degrees pan, 120 degree tilt
  • has night vision with 11 LED IR lights effective for up to 26 feet
  • connects wireless or via Ethernet to your Insteon home automation network
  • has two-way audio - listen in on what you are viewing and talk through the camera's speaker
  • motion activated - if motion is detected you can receive emails with still shots

How an Intsteon home automation network works

An INSTEON home automation network transmits commands throughout your home in two ways -- over the existing electrical throughout your house and over a wireless radio frequency.

The commands are picked up by other "dual band" INSTEON devices and repeated. This "mesh network" for interconnecing all devices makes INSTEON reliable as well as very flexible.

One simple way to see if Insteon works for you is to try a controlling your home lights via Internet. The components are affordable and reliable.

SmartLinc - INSTEON Central Controller | image credit: Smarthome
SmartLinc - INSTEON Central Controller | image credit: Smarthome
Insteon dual-band dimmer and access point | image credit: Smarthome
Insteon dual-band dimmer and access point | image credit: Smarthome

How to get started

You will need a basic Insteon home network consisting of an Insteon central controller such as the SmartLinc controller shown on the right, and a couple of dual access points, also shown here.

If you want to use your web-enabled smarphone or computer to control your devices, you must also have high-speed broadband Internet service with a router.

The basic Insteon HAN is easy to set up. Simply plug the SmartLinc into a wall outlet near your router and then connect SmarLinc to your router using an Ethernet cable. Now link your devices together following instructions.

While you are setting up your basic Insteon HAN you might as well install a couple of lamp dimmers. These can be very useful in controlling these lamps in your home so your house appears occupied.

How to set up the IP security camera

This camera comes with a Wi-Fi Antenna, DC power supply quick installation guidem network cable, mounting bracket and a CD with installation guide and IP Camera Tool.

I recommend printing out the owners manual and studying it very carefully before you start. Also, I recommend studying your router's manual very carefully. You'll be linking and synchronizing your camera with your router. That involves using the correct IP addresses, and router port and other details as presented in the manuals.

If you have an iPhone, get an IP Camera Pro at your App Store. Now you can control your security camera from anywhere -- including viewing images.

If you read the directions carefully and make sure you understand them, and take your time -- you should have no trouble, Smarthome is always available to help.

A couple of cautions

Be sure to check to see if there are any local or state regulations governing use of surveillance video or audio. Act responsibly.

The Smarthome Wireless IP Security Camera described in this hub is for indoor use. It will not tolerate wet conditions.

low voltage outdoor lighting | image credit: Amazon
low voltage outdoor lighting | image credit: Amazon
Irrigate tomatoes via Smartphone | image credit: Digerati |
Irrigate tomatoes via Smartphone | image credit: Digerati |

Expand your Insteon home automation network as needed

The beauty of an Insteon home automation network (HAN) is that it can be expanded on your on terms, as you want.

Enjoy the safety, convenience and fun of home automation for many applications.

Here are just a few: You can control these applications even you when are on the road -- via Internet or Smartphone.

If you already have a home security setup, how do you like it?

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