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Control Your Outdoor Garden Fountain With Your Smartphone

Updated on January 11, 2018
Moderne Fountain - Home Garden Dcor -- image credit:
Moderne Fountain - Home Garden Dcor -- image credit:

Our Personal Experience with An INSTEON-Activated Garden Fountain

My wife and I have a tiny garden next to the entrance to our front porch. It features a small waterfall that tumbles down three levels to a pool below. A 12-volt underwater lamp provides nighttime ambience. Both the lamp and the water pump are connected to a transformer which is in turn plugged into my INSTEON Outdoor Plug-in On/Off module.

We've surrounded the water feature with plants so that it is very natural in appearance. The gentle sound of water falling, the soft lights and shadows -- all make for a very welcoming entry to our home, especially at night.

Control Your Outdoor Garden Water Fountain with Your Smartphone

The relaxing sight and sound of an outdoor garden water fountain can be an important feature of your home.It can be located near the pathway to your front entrance, welcoming your guests with a meditative atmosphere.

Most fountains have a water pump that can be plugged into an outdoor wall outlet. Some may be hard wired to a convenient switch inside your house. Many fountains also have an electric light that enhances the design and mood of the fountain at night.

By installing an inexpensive home automation module you can control your fountain remotely – from anywhere via your Smartphone.

Suppose you and your guests will be arriving at your home together. You want your home to help welcome your guests with warm lights glowing and your fountain flowing.

Your INSTEON Home Automation System is ready for just this occasion.

Using your Smartphone, you connect to your home automation Hub. You instruct your controller to turn on the porch lamp and the fountain.

INSTEON Home Automation Technology

Home automation has become robust, reliable, affordable and user-friendly -- thanks to INSTEON home automation technology. It has become the choice of home automation do-it-yourselfers.

With INSTEON, powerline signals are sent over both your existing house wiring and radio frequency signals on a designated RF channel. These signals control your lights, heating and cooling, and many more functions around your home.

You can control your INSTEON home automation system via Internet from anywhere using your web-enabled phone or PC to connect to your home automation controller through your existing high speed internet service and router.

Expand Your Home Automation System When You are Ready

You can expand your system to control your outside fountain, heating and air conditioning, and many more lifestyle functions around your home.

The INSTEON system is modular so you only add what you want when you want.

Welcome to the world of affordable home automation!

INSTEON outlets and switches for your outdoor garden fountain

As you decide where you would like to place your fountain, consider the location of your outside electric outlets. You may be able to simply plug the fountain into an existing outlet. For remote control of the fountain, use the ApplianceLinc - INSTEON Outdoor Plug-In On / Off Appliance Module. Plug the module into your existing outlet, then plug your fountain into the module.

Or you could have the outside garden fountain hard-wired to a convenient switch inside your house, You can use the SwitchLinc Relay - INSTEON Remote Control On/Off Switch (Non-Dimming) manually, or remotely -- including via Internet if you have also installed the starter kit.

Depending on its design, fountains can be placed on your front porch, in a garden niches near your front entrance, on a garden fence or as a garden wall fountain, on a deck, in a garden niche – wherever you desire its pleasing qualities.

Here are outside garden fountains designed as artful decorative elements

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