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Home Decor - 7 Rich Wood Home Gyms

Updated on March 28, 2016

Home gyms do not have to be cold and uninviting. Wood always adds warmth to a room. Home decor today is very much in love with wood flooring. Turn on any episode of home remodeling and I dare you to find even one home tour that is not singing the praises of wood flooring. Sadly, one of my favorite rooms in the home, the fitness room has been left out. Let's end this madness once and for all and include the fitness room in our home decor - yes, a fitness room can be stylish, can be made more inviting by adding in a few decorating items. And yes, as you will see, wood flooring in a fitness room works beautifully for any type of design - not just country - most the designs are evergreen - and beautifully marry function with style and some even offer high style! Check out a select seven sensational home gyms that might cause your living room to become jealous. Journey with us as we review the use of wood blinds, wood flooring - both light and dark tones and even a room with both, and check out the rooms where the walls are wood paneled. And as an added bonus, listen as we share some passages in a novel that describes a famous wood paneled room.

Traditional Wood Paneled Room

Beautiful and Inviting Traditional Wood Paneled Room
Beautiful and Inviting Traditional Wood Paneled Room | Source

Wood Paneled Rooms

For many, the vision of a wood paneled room is the stately traditional complete with the full repertoire of leather bound books and leather couches and stately wing chairs. For others, the vision of the overstuffed stuffed chair where the chair engulfs you as you transcend time and space with your favorite book.

Yet, a fitness room as you will see doesn't have to and probably shouldn't offer this air of formality.

Room of Dark Secrets by Michael Cole

The Testament of Solomon


A book of magic spells and invocations.

Incunabula is the plural of the Latin word incunabulum - denoting a "cradle." Essentially, the original meaning was "place of birth" or "beginning." What is interesting, is in the world of books, the word incunabula refers to books that were crafted with metal type some time before the year 1500.

Wood Paneling Gives a Masculine Look

In Michael Cole's thriller book Room of Dark Secrets, he details what most people would imagine about wood paneling:

"In the place of wallpaper, the rich wood paneling he requested gave the room a masculine look."

Michael Cole's book to many is similar in nature to Dan Brown's famous book The DeVinci Code (2003). The book was published in 2010 by Foremost Press out of Cedarburg, Wisconsin. The story line according to Amazon:

While searching for an ancient mystical manuscript, a cardinal jeopardizes his chances of becoming pope by inadvertently disclosing to the media a Vatican conspiracy. A Las Vegas magician is looking for the same book. If he doesn't locate it, he will lose his job and with it his lavish lifestyle. And if he does find it, he will become famous--that is, if the powers within the book don't kill him first.

In the few pages near the description of the rich wood paneling are many new vocabulary words. Including grimoire and most notably incunabula - denoting books crafted before the year 1500. Additionally, Michael Cole's book detailed the grimoire The Testament of Soloman.

7 Sensational Rich Wood Fitness Room Design Ideas

Now that we have all your preconceived notions about wood flooring and wood paneling discussed, let's dispel those myths with 7 sensational fitness rooms that use wood superbly. Some designs are simple casual elegance, one is over the top elegant and it uses three different colors of wood flooring, one has dark cove molding and the last one is the classic wall of wood bookcases with wood blinds covering the window. All are superb but yet each offers a distinctly different style.

Now before you proceed, let me caution you to take your time. At the end, you will be asked to supply your opinion of your favorite fitness room.

Idea #1 Wood Flooring - Wood Walls and a Hammock Too!

Wood Flooring - Wood Walls and a Hammock Too!
Wood Flooring - Wood Walls and a Hammock Too! | Source

Understated Elegance

The definition is not trying to attract attention but still effecting an attractive design which still leaves me wondering. So in reaching this, we find he best answer out on Yahoo summed it up succinctly with a tad bit of humor thrown in:

Best Answer: An understated elegance is one that is not garish, loud, obvious, or even ubiquitous. It's an elegance that is subtly-chic, and doesn't cry for attention. It is so strong, that it impresses people without even one single word discussed on it. Those who have an understated elegance have smarter shoe- and clothes' choices than the nouveau-riche variety. An example : wear a black trouser, a white shirt, and a pure-red tie. They are not garish, believe me. They pull people's eyes to them, subtly and impressively.
( Humor ) : a blue shirt over a brown pant is a case of " misunderstood elegance. " !

Three Different Wood Tones - Harmonized Into Understated Elegance

This next example is my personal favorite. I love the use of the three different wood tones.

The feeling evoked in this room is one of elegance and refinement. The subdued colors, extensive use of molding on the ceiling all serve to lend an air of what I would say would be understated elegance.

However, having stated that, I must say I am rather biased, I find all seven examples given "understand elegance." Nothing in wood ever shouts. If you want to see the antithesis of understated elegance, check out my Red Fitness Room hub. The example below is perhaps the richest in texture with the extensive molding and various shades of wood stain on the floor.

Idea #2 Light Dark and Medium Wood Tones = Surprised Elegance

Light Dark and Medium Wood Tones in a fitness room = Surprised Elegance
Light Dark and Medium Wood Tones in a fitness room = Surprised Elegance | Source

Simplistic Elegance

This next room I have labelled "simplistic elegance" because it has simple white walls and beautiful wood grain flooring. The height of the vaulted ceiling adds an air of openness and grandeur.

Idea #3 Wood Flooring White Walls in Your Fitness Room - Simplistic Elegance

Wood Flooring White Walls in Your Fitness Room - Simplistic Elegance
Wood Flooring White Walls in Your Fitness Room - Simplistic Elegance | Source

Tray Ceiling

A tray ceiling, also called an inverted or recessed ceiling, features a center section that is several inches (or several feet) higher than the areas around the perimeter of the room.

Classic Cove Molding with Tray Ceiling

The next sensational rich wood fitness room is what I have labelled classic cove molding. This could be any room in America but it has added a cove molding and coffered ceiling that sets it apart. The colors are very classic - basic beige carpeting, white walls but the dark cove molding add the drama.

Idea #4 Dark Wood Cove Molding

Dark Wood Cove Molding in a Home Fitness Room
Dark Wood Cove Molding in a Home Fitness Room | Source

Bookcase Fitness Room

The book case fitness room is every book lover's favorite room. "You can never be too rich, too thin or have too many books!"

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”
Marcus Tullius Cicero

As you can tell from my hubs on fitness rooms, all the hubs make mention of a book. My two favorite rooms in the house - the room that holds the books and the fitness equipment. And oh, my, if we could combine the two - heaven!

“A room without books is like a body without a soul.”

— Marcus Tullius Cicero

You never can be too rich, too thin or have too many books!

— Easy Exercise

Idea #5 Rich Wood Bookcase in Fitness Room

Rich Wood Bookcase in Fitness Room
Rich Wood Bookcase in Fitness Room | Source

Wood Beams

For the next example, the wood beams I love, I am not certain the remainder of the room is my style but the attention to detail, the rich grey wood texture on the walls in addition to the tray ceiling combined with beautiful wood tone beams does make this room sensational.

Idea #6 Wood Beams in Fitness Room

Wood Beams in Fitness Room
Wood Beams in Fitness Room | Source

Hand Scarped Hardwood Flooring - Hand Sculptured

Hand scraped hardwood flooring, also known as hand sculptured, gives a warm, classic look to modern homes that works well on solid or engineered wood floors.

source: AngiesList

Hand Scraped Wood Flooring Plus Wood Blinds

Take one cold, UN-inviting fitness room, add in hand scraped or hand sculptured wood floors combined with wood blinds and you have a sensational room that you will not just be proud to present to friends and family but a room that you will want to be in and will feel alive in. This is a beautiful room that anyone with some time and money would be able to recreate. If you will note, there is no complicated ceiling, no tray ceiling, no complicated molding, just simple beauty on the wood blinds and on the beautiful natural grains of the a hardwood flooring.

Angie's List Loads Slow

Angie's List website loads 64% slower as reported by Alexa
Angie's List website loads 64% slower as reported by Alexa | Source

Alexa's Services

Angie's List offers some great content but when I try to pull up their website, I waited forever. So I went out to Alexa to see if it was me, my computer or if my feelings were founded.

Alexa proved my assumption - the website loads 64% slower - don't believe me - check out the snippet that confirmed my suspicions.

Idea #7 Wood Blinds and Hand Scraped Wood Floor in a Home Fitness Room

Wood Blinds and a Wood Floor in a Home Fitness Room Provide an Inviting Home Decor
Wood Blinds and a Wood Floor in a Home Fitness Room Provide an Inviting Home Decor | Source

Your Ideal Fitness Room Using Wood?

Which fitness room is your personal favorite?

See results

Which is Your Fitness Flavor?

Everyone has a favorite flavor of ice cream. For your fitness room fantasy, which room would suit your style the best? Share your personal favorite, share your story. Have you decorated a fitness room with wood before? If so, share with us your journey. What worked best for you? Was it a wood ceiling, a wood paneled wall, wood flooring or perhaps it was the cove molding in dark rich wood tone? Also, any design tips you wish to share?

Alternatively, tell me the truth. Is the only thing calling you in this hub is the hammock on design idea #1?

© 2016 Kelly A Burnett


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    • Easy Exercise profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelly A Burnett 

      2 years ago from United States

      Hi Flourish Anyway,

      My daughter-in-law has plantation blinds and I simply love that look. Great choice. I am so anxious to complete our fitness room so I thought while I am waiting I would publish some fun hubs on the subject. And will be sure to add photos upon completion - maybe even an entire separate hub!

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      I like #3 with whir wood plantation blinds. I have those in my house!


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