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Home Decorating Ideas - New Trends and Designs in Curtains

Updated on April 15, 2013

Tips about Curtains and Blend

Curtains prevent heavy sunlight and rain from reaching inside the room. Curtains are a shield which protects the inside view of the home and privacy from outsiders, but at the same time it allows adequate light and air. Curtains are a part of interior design which adds to the beauty of the home. They are selected based on the size of the room, position of window and paint color of the room.

Pelmet curtains, Loop curtains, Eilit curtains, Bamboo curtains etc are some of the latest trend in Curtain (The Window Coverings)

What is New trends in curtains

Curtains controlled by remotes and switches are the new trendy one. Though it costs high, it is the most wanted item in the market. Wood, bronze & cast iron are used instead of powder coated aluminum channels.

Trendy curtain clothes are the most demanded one in market. Printed Polyster, Jackard, heavy Jackard, Viscous, double weaving cloth, terkosa etc are the latest types of clothes. Curtain clothes are to be selected according to the paint color of the room, tiles and bed sheets used.

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curtains window coverings
curtains window coverings
curtains window coverings
curtains window coverings
curtains window coverings
curtains window coverings

Curtain Trends: Types of Curtains

1. Pleated Curtain

Pleated Curtains are available in four types like one pleat, two pleats, three pleats and four pleats. The traditional curtains are of one pleat type. Width of a one pleated curtains will be 26 inch and that of a two pleat will be 22 inch. Three and four pleated curtain will give a breadth of 16-18 inch and 10 inch respectively.

The most common practice is to use net materials as one piece inner curtains and a 3 pleated is used as its outer part. The cost of stitching is around 2$ /meter.

2. Scalp, Pelmet & Wallace Curtains

These 3 are of the same category.

Scalp is a decorative piece like a lace which will add to the beauty of the curtain and is place on the upper side. The main drawback is that it is very difficult to clean, but in cities cleaning will be an easy task as cleaning and ironing can be done by professionals.

Stitching is based on the number & shape of pleats and may cost around 25$ /meter. This variety of curtains can be decorated with beads. Bead works can be done with

  • Bead fringes
  • Crystal fringe
  • Designed fringes.

Fringes are available at a cost of 10$ /meter.

Pelmet is a wooden or cloth frame that is used to hide the curtain fittings. It is stitched in thick cloth materials and is widely used in offices. The cost of this varies from Rs.400 to 500/meter.

Wallace Curtains are more matching for long windows and it is made it is made in such a way that it hides the curtain fittings. Cloth Wallace is more attractive. The number & shape of pleats of Wallace can be changed according to our wish. The charge varies till Rs.50$ /meter.

3. Loop Curtain

In this variety various loops are used instead of pleats. Fancy buttons on the loop will enhance the beauty. This is the simplest type of curtain. Loops are introduced into the curtain rods and the loop ends will hold the curtain. This is one of the cheapest types which will cost less than Rs.50$ /meter.

4. Eilit Curtains

Eilit Curtains (Round in Shape) made of plastic or metals are attached to curtain straps and are hung in curtain rods. There are many varieties of eilit curtains like fancy, glossy etc.It is easy to clean and costs almost 40$ /meter.

5. Thread curtain

It is the latest type of curtain which is commonly used for arch shapes. Many threads of different colors are joined together to make a thread curtain and is made more attractive with beads and stone works. The cost range starts from 50$ /meter.

6. Bamboo Curtains

Bamboo curtains can be used in offices homes, resorts and hotels. This is made of thin bamboo strips and so it permits fresh air and light into the room. The cost starts from Rs.25$ /meter.

Blends instead of Curtains

Blend is the current trend in curtains. It can be folded upwards and is used instead of curtains. It is more compact and neat. Blends are of many types based on the materials used. They are

  1. Roman blends
  2. Vertical blends
  3. Wooden blends
  4. Roller blends etc.
  5. Beaded Curtains

Vertical blends are made of plastic or synthetic materials. It is made of long stripes which can be turned vertically to hide the hide the outside view. It is commonly used in offices. It costs above Rs.100/sqft.

Roman Fabric blend made of clothes which is an attractive one is an evergreen trend. It is made of silk, cotton, denim and jute clothes. Stitching with lining cloth will add to its beauty and costs around Rs80/sqft.

Wood strips are the important feature of the wooden blends. Teak Wood or Rose Wood is used to make this. It can be used as a separation or a curtain for big windows. This looks new always if it is polished once in a year. Roller blends can be rolled up. This will costs Rs.400/sqft

Pleated blends are used to hide the whole window. Synthetic materials are used for this and will charge above Rs.50/sqft.


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      Thanks for the myriad ideas you've presented here! I'm overwhelmed! I confess that I had trouble following you from one topic to the next, though: I'm a geek, so I need extra help following such things--a helping hand to lead me through unfamiliar territory.

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      I really like the bamboo curtains, so cool. Nice to try different looks in each room too. Thanks for sharing this info!

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      Very nice hub! The curtains looks lovely.

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      Great post! I'm a big fan of interior design and I find your post to be really organized - helpful tips too! Hope you can check out my interior design hub too! :)

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