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Home Decorating: Tired Of Your Home Furnishings? Do Something About It!

Updated on August 5, 2012

What's in your home? I mean with respect to your furniture, your drapes, carpets, bedlinen – all the things that make a home homely, instead of just an empty house. Are you happy with it all? Is it all to your taste, or are there some hand-me-downs and badly-thought-out buys that make you wince every time they catch your eye? In that case then just join the club: everyone has items like that in their home! It's just a question of waiting until they irritate you enough to make you get rid of them

If the item was bought new, and was very expensive, or was a treasured (and possibly valuable) hand-me-down, then that makes it even more difficult to dispose of and to replace. You can't just put it on Freecycle or give it to your neighbour: you'd feel so guilty, wasteful and superficial! Surely home furnishings are something we should just be able to rise above and not obsess about!

Did you buy the item thinking it was okay, or did you have a bad feeling about it at the time? Were you intending to buy something completely different, but then it wasn't in stock, and you couldn't bring yourself to go home empty-handed so you went and bought the wrong thing? And it's been driving you crazy just looking at that damn coffee table ever since!

How would you feel if you just went out and bought a nicer replacement that was more in line with your tastes and preferences? Extravagant? Spendthrift? Maybe so, but how nice it would be to smooth over that scratch in your psyche that your ugly household item creates! You can always feel good and more thrifty by putting the old version on Craigslist and getting what you can for it, or giving it to a family member (although not the one who gave you it if it was a gift!)

If you've had some thing in your home for a long time, say a lampshade or set of curtains, but you've never really been happy with it, then over time you can become so accustomed to seeing it that you barely even perceive it any more. Yet on a subconscious, subliminal level you do perceive it: it's just irritating you in a deeper way, so that you can't analyse any more what is causing the sense of dissatisfaction and annoyance that you're experiencing. You can't analyse what you're not aware of!

In my own case, I bought a pair of lampshades from IKEA (the famous Swedish home furnishings store) when I moved into a new apartment a few years back. Now, I'd been to have a look around IKEA the week previously and spotted just the most beautiful ideal lampshades that were perfectly in accord with my taste and personality. They were white glass rectangular shades with a distressed 'bobbly' surface and 'wavy' surfaces on two sides, like the surface of the sea. Lit up, they were luminous and lovely and just a touch 70s and tacky (because I love tacky).

Of course, when I went back to pick them up, they were gone, out of stock, and no member of staff knew what I was talking about when I described them. I couldn't find them in the catalogue either. Maybe I just dreamed them into being! So I picked up an ordinary, regular pair of lamps with stripy shades in rather ugly colours. I wasn't really paying attention when I picked them up: I just needed some shades, they were cheap, and I thought they would do. And they've been annoying me ever since! Maybe it's finally time to do something about it and replace them. Why not? Why not you too?


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