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Home Depot 10% off Coupon - How to Svae 10% at Home Depot on Every Purchase

Updated on October 14, 2010

I wrote another article that went into some depth about key things to do and not do when you are working on any type of a project where you need to go to Home Depot or Lowes.  Many people have mentioned that they just wanted a more direct answer as to how to get discounts at the two Big Home Improvement stores and I decided to do a cliff notes version of my other article.  Here you go!!

Step #1 - You need a 10% discount coupon for both Home Depot and Lowes. You will want both of them and I will explain why later. These are easy to get, you just need an e-mail address (or several.)

Both stores give out 10% discount coupons for people who are moving or have moved. They just need your address and e-mail.

Lowes 10% Coupon Registration

Home Depot 10% Coupon Registration

Step #2 - After you have received your 10% coupon in youre-mail, print out SEVERAL of each of these. Even though they say that they can only be used once, please print out several of each. All of them have a unique bar code that allows them to only be used once. HOWEVER, since each store will accept the others coupons, you can just make as many copies as you want of one and use it at the other since they would have no way to verify it had not already been used!!

Step #3 - When you go to Home Depot, take one of your 10% off Lowes coupons with you, at checkout, just hand them the coupon and say "I was told you would honor this from Home Depot." Do the opposite for Lowes. Copy and repeat as often as needed.


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    • PropertyAdvisor profile image

      PropertyAdvisor 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon USA

      Thank you! This is very good info!

    • profile image

      Jim Rizzio 7 years ago