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Planning a House Extension

Updated on January 27, 2014

Designing your own Home Extension

How to design your own home extension

Home extensions have become very popular once again and it is rare to drive along a street and not see at least one builders skip. There are a lot of reasons for this not least being the economic climate. The days of people moving house regularly are a thing of the past and if a growing family is short of space a home extension is the ready answer. It is more practical, especially for school going children. Also, on a more personal level, if you cherish your neighbors, these are hard to replace. The most important thing to note is that if you are planning to design your own home extension then you'll need to be organised - very organised!

When building an extension its important to remember...

  • Because home extensions will involve a lot of noisy dirty work, this may be the time to brief your neighbors of your intention to embark on a home extension. You could also ask a local handyman for some advice
  • They will appreciate your thoughtfulness. It will be important to reassure them that you will not make noise beyond the regulation hours. They may even volunteer to store some of your belongings while the work is being done.

Self build plans...

  • Depending on the type and size of extension it can involve a lot of work. Planning the work and doing any research prior to the start of the work is very important as it saves time once work on the home extension has started. If possible get your hands on some "self build plans" which will make the work a lot easier.
  • You may be in need of a larger kitchen and you will have to plan on being without cooking facilities for a week or two. Getting a good architect involved from the outset is a necessity from the outset. A good building company will be able to help with any worries you may have at this stage.

Ideas for house extensions...

  • If you are unhappy with the lighting in your kitchen or where the cooker is situated or the awkwardness of the kitchen units this is the time to get it right.
  • Discuss this with your architect and you will have the kitchen of your dreams. Similarly you may want to extend a small sitting room and you can make sure you get enough lighting, you may be able to reposition the door and think about replacing the fireplace while you are getting other work done.

Where to put an extra bedroom?

  • If you have a garage you might want to think about building an extra bedroom over it. Obviously his will involve a lot of structural work but the results will be wonderful and the increase to the value of your home will be well worth all the work involved in such an undertaking.
  • If you have hired a contractor he will advise you on any work to be done, the costings and the materials you need.

Benefit of using a Good Building Contractor

  • Not only will a good building contractor advise you on any planning permission that you may need if it is a large extension, they will also give you clear pricing and timelines that will allow you to budget more carefully.
  • Once you know your budget and everything is going according to plan then you can start choosing the furnishing and fittings - which of course is the most fun part of the whole home improvement experience!

If you had the money what would you prefer to do?

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      valeriebaby 6 years ago from Galway

      How come all the extensions are red brick?? :)