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Home Furnishings Tips -How to Solve Lack of Space Complaints

Updated on February 19, 2010

Lack of Space Complaints

Proper planning is necessary to furnish in a house. The main complaint when furnishing a house is lack of space. We will start from where a homemaker spends majority of her time…

You can solve that by following these tips

Arranging kitchen:-

Use glass cabinets instead of wooden cabinets, in doing so we can avoid unnecessary tension of misplacing & missing items. If possible make a kitchen without 4 walls surrounding the area which may give less privacy but will be more spacious… (No walls).

Keep the items to be used in the kitchen in drawers without scattering them here & there. If on one side of the kitchen there is a dusty drawer, now only you can clean and start using it. If we spread voil clothes before arranging items, moisture will not form among items. If we buy different sized boxes & store items in them we can save half he space.

We can arrange a kitchen just like your living room….for that we have to say goodbye to habits like opening the fridge with dirty hands, wiping dirty hands on the walls etc. Have you ever thought to keep a memo board to write the items you require? You can use fridge door for this purpose. You can use small magnets to hold the memo boards (which have items you require) on to the fridge.

If we place the washing machine below the kitchen platform, we can get more space. If that’s the case, then we can iron the clothes on the kitchen platform. Three-fourths of the space in the kitchen is occupied by the dining table….why not try a foldable dining table.


Instead of complaining that there is no space to turn around in the bathroom, we can use the space outside the bathroom & solve the problem. We can place bath towels on a rack. We can place a good mirror on the bathroom door. If we require a secret place in the bathroom we can do that also-to keep necessary personal items.


Instead of a big table, if we use a small wooden table in the bedroom we can save space. Light green shade of paint is apt in a bedroom. If it’s not possible to paint now, then studies show that using green curtains, paintings etc. instead will calm the mind.

Living room:-

Use chairs instead of a long sofa to increase the space in the living room.

More space…

Keep books in cupboards. Built a wooden shelf with provision to keep different sized books, if you have a large collection. If we fix hooks behind doors, then we can hang belts, earrings etc. on those. The unused space below the staircase can be used to store slippers, briefcase etc. Now without complaining about lack of space we can start using the space available.


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    • LensMan999 profile image

      LensMan999 4 years ago from Trans-Neptunian region

      @GiftIdeas ,Thanks for your supportive comment.

    • profile image

      GiftIdeas 7 years ago

      Really interesting article. Enjoyed reading it.