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Home Gardening Guide

Updated on March 16, 2009

Garden Tools

As you grow more and more vegetables you are going to want a nice selection of garden tools.
As you grow more and more vegetables you are going to want a nice selection of garden tools.

Garden Tools

The average home gardener is only going to need a few garden tools. At first you can get by with a spade or shovel, a garden hoe, a garden rake, and your probally going to want to rent or purchase a garden tiller. You really will be needing a garden tiller especially when you first start getting your garden spot ready to plant for the first time. And be sure to take good care of your garden tools as they are an investment. Fix a place in your utility room or garage where you can hang your tools up. And if you have or can borrow a wood burning tool put your last name and phone number on all your garden tool handles. This will work to prevent theft of your garden tools.

Vegetable Gardens Can Produce A Bounty Of Fresh Produce
Vegetable Gardens Can Produce A Bounty Of Fresh Produce

Keep The Weeds Out Of Your Garden

And no I don't have any secret method to keep weeds out of your garden. The best defense you have against weeds is a long handled hoe. You can also heavily mulch your vegetable plants to prevent weeds from growing. Don't let the weeds get ahead of you or you'll never win the battle with the weeds.

The really good things about mulch is that it will help to keep the moisture in the ground where you want it, it will prevent weed growth, it helps to regulate soil temperature and it prevents ground rot which causes losses in many vegetable crops but especially tomatoes.

Check to see if your city or county has free leaf mulch that you can obtain for free just by picking it up. Many areas do provide free leaf mulch. And if they let you choose you want the oldest leaf mulch available.


You are going to want to harvest your vegetables when they are mature. And its very important to keep mature squash and cucumners picked off the plants or they will stop producing. And it will probally shock you as to how many cucumbers and squash only a few plants can produce. If you grow pole beans you can grow them up bamboo tee pee's and you will want to keep your beans picked on a regular basis because pole beans will produce until frost as long as you keep them picked.

You will wake up one morning and wonder what your going to do with all that produce your garden is producing. I would strongly suggest a trip to the library where you can find books on freezing, canning and preparing vegetables for storage for winter.

If you produce a abundunce of produce check and see if you are alloweed to sell some of it from your home or at the local flea market. You can also if you wish give the surplus produce away to family, friends, or your local homeless shelter. And don't forget to make plenty of Squash Casserole for those cold winter months. Click Here for the worlds best Squash Casserole Recipe.

You can make and put up squash casseroles for winter or you can make and give them to family, friends etc as gifts. Buy some throw away tin pans with lids to cook them in and place a label on the plastic lid like a gift from my garden.

Natural Pest Control

You can plant Marigolds, Peppermint, and Rosemary in your garden or garden area to repel garden pests.

You can spray grasshoppers and other garden pests with a mixture of 90 percent water and 10 percent molasses on them and they will smother to death.

You can also either purchase lady bugs from your local garden center or order them over the internet. Hungry lady bugs eat tons of other insects and the lady bugs are not going to harm your garden in any way.

Home Gardening

Home Gardening continues to grow in popularity especially in today's hard economic times. Just as people grew depression gardens during the depression people today are trying to grow gardens to provide them with part or all of their vegetables. It is now estimated that one in three families do some type of home gardening.And that is sure to go up with the hard economic times we now find ourselfs in.

Garden Site

Your garden site is very important. If at all possible your garden spot should be on the south side of your house and there should be little or no shade. You will also want to think about your gardens soil and what you need to do to prepare your garden for your vegetables. If there has never been a garden there before or in recent times you are going to want to prepare the soil before you plant any vegetables there.

You will want to till up your soil with a garden tiller and if you have access to leaf mulch apply a layer at least 4 inches deep over your entire garden and till that down into the soil. I would also suggest applying two 40 pound bags of black cow manure for every 12X12 foot area of your garden. Till the black cow manure down into the soil. Now if you have the leaf compost and black cow manure tilled down into your garden you will want to rake your garden and remove any grass, weeds, or roots from your garden area. Now you are ready to plant your vegetable seeds or plants.

Crop Selections

One of your most important decisions as a home gardener will be deciding what vegetables you are going to want to plant in your new vegetable garden. You will need to think about how much space you have for your garden and what vegetables you can grow in that amount of space. Keep in mind that vine crops like melons, pumpkins, and cucumbers are going to take up more space than your other garden vegetables. If you can plant your garden with one side of it against a fence you can plant your vine crops there and use the fence as a place to raise those vine crops.

Small Garden Vegetables

Your small garden vegetables are things like Tomatoes, Peppers, Radishes, English Peas and Green Beans.

Large Garden Vegetables

Your large garden vegetables are things like Cantaloupes, Potatoes, Pumpkins, Sweet Corn and Watermelons.

It will be up to you as to what size garden you want to grow and this will depend a lot on what kinds of Vegetables you want to grow. Remember to plant your taller plants at the back or one side of your garden so they will not shade your smaller vegetable plants all the time. And remember to never work with or till wet soil. If its wet wait until your garden dries out.

Be sure to label your rows so you know what's planted there. Also keep a record of this in your journal.

Invite The Birds In To Help Control Garden Pests

Build or purchase bird houses and put them up around your yard and garden to encourage birds to live there. Be sure you can open up the bird houses each year and clean them out.
Build or purchase bird houses and put them up around your yard and garden to encourage birds to live there. Be sure you can open up the bird houses each year and clean them out.

Container Gardening On A Low Budget

Go to cafes, resturants, schools etc in your area and ask them to save their three or five gallon containers including the lids for you. If you can't find them anywhere else check at your local flea markets.And if you click the below link you will find out how to make cheap upside down tomato buckets so you can grow upside down tomatoes easily and quickly.

Click Here To Find Out How To Build Upside Down Tomato Containers Easily

You can also use those 3-5 gallon buckets as containers for a container garden. One real good suggestion is to plant your herb garden in buckets and then herbs like peppermint won't get loose and try to take over your whole garden.

You can plant a few sunflower plants around your garden and leave the heads with the seeds on the plants and the birds will be by to harvest the seeds as soon as they are dry and the birds will thank you for it by staying around your garden and eating insects and slugs.

If you want some of the sunflower seeds for yourself place a cut off leg of ladies panty hose over the sunflower head and the birds won't be able to get to them.

My Garden Is Going To The Birds

Here's some tips you can use to attract the local bird population to your yard and garden and we all know that with the exception of some corn stealing crows, birds are a welcome guest in and around your garden.

1. Build or purchase and put up bird houses around your yard and garden.

2. Make sure you can open your bird houses up each winter and clean out the old bird nests.

3. Put out bird feeders in your yard and garden in the fall to keep your population of birds happy and they will return to your yard and garden year after year to build nests and raise their young.

4. Have a bird bath for your bird friends and if possible have it so it over flows and recirculates the water so mosquitoes can't raise in your bird bath.

5. Put up a bat house in your yard and or garden about 20 feet up a tree or pole. If you want to learn more information about bat houses and how to build them CLICK HERE NOW. You will need a bird bath or small pond in your yard for your bats to use for drinking water. Bats eat tons of mosquitoes and other insects.

Feel Free To Post Your Garden Tips, Comments, Hints Or Questions Below Now.

Ladybugs have quite an appetite. A single ladybug can eat 200 aphids a day. She is a welcome addition to your garden.
Ladybugs have quite an appetite. A single ladybug can eat 200 aphids a day. She is a welcome addition to your garden.

Feel Free To Post Your Garden Tips, Comments, Hints Or Questions Below Now.

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      I have alpaca's and use their poop directly in garden, it doesn't burn and what productions of bumper crops I have. I share with neighbors and friends. It's free.

    • Julie-Ann Amos profile image

      Julie-Ann Amos 

      9 years ago from Gloucestershire, UK

      Nice thanks. I LOVE the top right birdhouse picture - I want one!


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